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Thermage and Ultherapy

I just found this forum! I am NOT YET 52 and freaking out! Literally a year ago, my arms were great! My legs were never great (ie cellulite) but the skin "fit"!  I was on vacation just last June and wore a bathing suit as normal.  About a year and a half ago, I had noticed my hair seemed to be thinning rather quickly. I googled and attributed it to stress. But then a few things happened at once.  I lost weight...in total about 35 pounds. At 5'4, I'd lost about 20 pounds by my vacation last year and was down to 125 (I'd only had the extra weight on my body for about a year and a half having gained it also due to stress so figured when I lost it I'd look like I'd looked before!!).  At 125 pounds, my skin still "fit"!!!  My arms, while not looking toned, still looked smooth. Then I lost another 10, down to about 115.  I also stopped taking birth control pills about a year and a half ago thinking it was keeping weight on me. It never occurred to stupid me that it was keeping my hormones up and my skin on!  I quickly went through menopause.  (Yes, all this occurred at the same time).  It seemed like LITERALLY OVERNIGHT, my skin "fell off"!!  I was doing push ups and looked down at my legs. My thigh skin looked like an OLD LADY'S!!!!  At first I attributed it to the weight loss.  I tried to bulk up with protein to no avail.  I then noticed my neck had that horrible crepey look which I never had. THEN, again, seemingly overnight, my arms got HORRIBLE!!   The backs (triceps) began to hang off like a 300 pound womans. The skin over my inner elbow crease started to hang over and got crepey.  The skin just under my armpit and going down my inner arm got horribly crepey and every time I look down (heaven forbid my arms are at my sides) I could just cry!!!  In fact I have many times!!  I feel like I've aged 20 years in 6 months!!  I have literally looked at EVERY ONE I know that's LATE 50's and 60's and NOT ONE OF THEM has this!!  I also noticed that suddenly my face got "hairy".  I'm blondish thank goodness but it's not a good look to have fuzz all over your face!!  I also NEVER had a grey hair and overnight the grey started!  Finally, my muscle strength disappeared.  I've worked out my whole adult life.  I went from being able to lift pretty heavy weights to now being on the LIGHTEST weight possible!  And even that I can barely lift!!  My arms LOOK toned (other than the new giant waddle and hanging wrinkled skin) but I can barely lift anything!!  I always looked younger than my age. Now I look older!  This skin is literally making me look like an old lady in a retirement home in Florida (no offense Florida seniors!!)  My mother didn't have hanging arms until she was in her 70's!!!  I am obsessed with this.  I cannot imagine how I will live my life now as it's summer and I'm either wearing exercise tanks for working out or sleeveless t's!  I cannot imagine going to the beach or a pool ever again!!  Yes, I was a sun worshipper as a kid, but this literally happened overnight!  I have been pinching the skin (didn't imagine anyone else would do that but it seems you all have!) and have tried tightening creams.  Haven't yet done retin A all over as it's pricey. Someone mentioned Glycolic 35% peels. Not sure if you can get that yourself or need a doctor.   I did start to research Thermage and Ultherapy.  It SEEMS like Ultherapy is new and for the face/neck.  I see that Thermage is SUPPOSEDLY done on arms, but I've literally called every doctor around me and no one has done it for the arms.  The closest I've come is one doctor who did it once on the arms. I've even tried calling the company but can't get a person on the phone. Plus, it's SO EXPENSIVE and I'm worried that it won't work!  And I don't want to go somewhere that has only done it once and really has no results to speak of.  One doctor mentioned a fractional laser but it didn't sound like it works that well and it would take many sessions.  I'm just now reading about this rolling thing and the dry loufah.  That sounds painful but what the heck...I'll try that. Does Retin A really help this?  Has anyone done Thermage?  I can't imagine spending that much and seeing no results!!  I'm so glad to read that there are a few early 50 year olds freaking out about this like I am.  It is really traumatizing!!  It sounds insane, but I can't stop thinking about it!  Anyone with info or a referral to doctor in NY area who does Thermage on ARMS, please let me know!  Any other suggestions are appreciated as well!  
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Hi, I just saw your post and your situation is identical to mine (well, I'm a little older, I'm 57). Mine started about three years ago when I lost about 18 lbs rather quickly, started experiencing  anxiety, hair loss and started to see my skin look very old. My arms, on both sides and top and bottom, have this crepe papery look. I do nails for a living and I look at everyone's arms and the only people that look like mine are 70 and older. It is also on my legs. I wear long sleeves in the hot summer months. It just looks horrible and is so embarrassing. I've been wearing a hair piece for about three years now because I hardly have any hair on the top of my head. I went to get my hair cut today and they have florescent lighting and I kept trying to hide my arms and hands. Even with three quarter inch sleeves on, you can still see the bottoms of my arms.I've been researching the Thermage and I would be willing to pay the price if they could guarantee me it would work. I have always looked younger than my age and always got compliments on how good I look for my age. I don't get those compliments anymore. This is so devasting. I never thought I would look like this at 57!!
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