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Very High LH, High FSH, Normal Estrogen- 29 years old


I was recently called with the lab results of a recent blood test to check out my hormone levels after months of high irregular periods (a few months of a 21 day cycle with periods lasting 4-5 days, followed by a couple months of 28 day cycle periods that lasted 10-14 days -albeit not heavily the whole time) and a general feeling that all's not entirely well.  Before that I spent four months on the pill at my prior gynecologists advice (to even things out) and had to go off it when I started heavily breaking out and feeling terrible.  Before that, I was getting the 10-14 day periods for a couple years.

The results are: an LH of 99, FSH 30, and normal estrogen (sorry I forgot the number) on day 21 or 26 of my cycle, depending on whether you want to count the day it started heavily bright red (26) or the day I started getting the browner variety (21)...  

Also-- I'm about 9 years out from an autologous bone marrow transplant to treat Hodgkins Disease.  I'm 29 and still in remission.  I did not have radiation.  I also didn't have periods for about three years afterwards.

It wouldn't surprise me if these things are related, but my question would be, are these possibly early menopause symptoms? or just the new wiring of someone who has probably put her ovaries through stress with the treatment?  Also does this mean I'm infertile?  And is there anything I can do or need to watch out for?

Thanks for your time.
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I just received a very similar result. I'm really healthy, active, 35 y.o. female. My LH:FSH ratio is 4:1, instead of the normal 1:1. My estrogen levels are also normal, as was testosterone.

My doctor is now sending me for an ultrasound to check for PCOS, following that, I'll be checked for insulin resistance. Check the magnesium level of your diet...apparently that, along with a low GI diet can reverse this. Hopefully!

Vancouver BC
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Hi, I'm a 46 year old woman  who was diagnosed as having gone through menopause 3 years back. I'm on Armour Thyroid for Hypothyroid, and Estradiol.  I'm always VERY tired, no energy and have a very tough time getting out of bed. Recently have been losing my hair.  About 4 months back had lots of back pain, felt I had an infection was put on Fluoconzale (pain, no discharge) then ended up bleeding nearly 3 weeks, 2 months later same drill...felt pain, bleed 2+ weeks. Went to the doctor this week as hair loss was getting more pronounced. She discussed blood tests from end of February: Estrone: 523, Free T3: 312, Thyroxine-Free: 1.0, Ferritin:  43, TSH 3rd Gen: .32, Testosterone: 26 and FSH: 81.4.  She didn't know why FSH would be high if Estrogen was in range.  I read some posts and saw references to "ratios" - something I've not heard of??? Can anybody tell me if any of this means anything? I am chronically tired, gained about 7lbs belly wait (not normal for me)...and I can't think straight. My doctor does not know what if anything she can do...Any ideas anyone?? Please help
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Hi I am also 46 years old, 4 months ago had bad back pain and sciatica, and in the past three months have felt very tired, lost more than half my hair and lost my periods.  Finally had hormone checks. and found I have high FSH (58.4) but normal (for ovulation phase) esradiol (117) and normal LH (50.3)
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   did they check your testosterone level too? it could be PCOS since the LH:FSH ratio is more than 2. an ultrasound could rule out PCOS. if you were on chemo for the hodgkins it can effect your ovaries. did your gyn do a progesterone withdrawal test? it may give an idea if your ovaries are actually functioning properly or not and/or if it's a hormonal imbalance.

hope this helps..!


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I've been trying to get pregnant for the past 5 months without success and most recently I missed my period for an entire month (ie, last period was 56 days ago). I went for a blood test and found out that my LH/FSH ratio was a little less than 4:1 and doctor is sending me for ultra sound of pevis and other tests.  She thinks I have PCOS but I find it hard to believe because I'm not obese, I don't have a huge problem with Acne nor do I have extra body hair etc etc, symptons of PCOS. I've been taking Coq10 for 2 months and ever since taking it, my cycle was first delayed for 9 days and then skipped entire month. Then when I stopped taking Coq10 5 days ago, I started to get my period again. Not sure if Coq10 is the cause but I'm going to take a series of fertility test to check it out why my LH/FSH ratio is so high. I'm 33 years female and I'll post more when I find out. Any people who has any similar experience to share?
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I am 26 years old and recently went to the doctor to find why i don't have periods.  I've had only a handful a periods in my life.  I got all my hormones checked and they all checked out except the LH level.  Its extremely high.  More than 3 times what it should be, actually almost 3 times higher than a PCOS patient with a high lh level. My doctor has only had one other patient with that high of LH level.  Like you I am not overweight, don't have acne or excess body hair.  She sent me to have an ultrasound to rule out PCOS.  My ovaries looked healthy and from the ultra sound they dont think I have PCOS.  She is sending me to a fertility specialist.  I'll let you know what i find out.
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I am 26 year old female I started getting my periods at the age of 15 i.e. is in 1999 and then my bleeding was reduced from 3 days to 2 days 1 day, single drop and then stopped in the year 2007 and from that time till today i have not got my periods, I am a thalassemia patient, my current report dated 3rd Feb-2010 says that my F.S.H. is 5.44 and LH is 2.73 can you please help me getting my periods back.
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Yours sound like a case of amenorrhoea, but u should get it checked and treated. How is your thyroid functioning?

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Hi I am 30 years old I was diagnosed with premature menopause about 6 years ago. During that period I had a menstrual cycle once and before that I have very irregular maybe one period or two per year. My FSH last time I checked was over 100 yet my estrogen was normal and my blood test came back normal only my cholesterol was high but I know its hereditary. I was been looking for natural ways of mediating my condition ever since. I have seen over 4 endocrinologist and gynos I haven't been to a fertility clinic but I plan on going. My advice is for you to try Acupuncture or look into it. I read amazing things about the effect of acupuncture on the FSH hormone and its accomplishments on reducing it. I have been going to acupuncture for a couple months now and my hot flashes have since gone away my mood swings are much better and I even have started having period symptoms. I spotted a couple weeks ago. My acupuncturist has been able to bring back the menstrual period of all the women he has treated but one. He has lowered the FSH hormone of all his patients and when you walk in his office the proof Is all the pictures and thank you notes of babies and mothers who were told they would not conceive. Look into to this it might help you as well. Emotionally I am much better I believe in God and I tell him all the time that whether its in my life's plans to have a baby or not I accept it and I love him I have faith in Him and he knows that I would love being a mother but I would also love this gift of life if I never become one. Be blessed and never give up
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