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Weight gain Perimenopause?

I'm 44 (close to 45) and the past year, despite maintaining my regular excercise routine I've gained about 5-7 lbs.  It has been gradual over maybe 18 months.  I'm perplexed. Never had to struggle with my weight and have always been slender.  Have more 'fluffy' fat around my tummy but the weight gain is all over.  Is this normal?  What do I have to do to lose it - starve myself??  I am thinking of adding a few extra workouts per week to my schedule and try cutting back some calories. I've never had to deal with this before and just wondering if this is a normal part of coming closer to menopause. Help!
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hi lindy, have you had any recent labwork?  i am perimenopausal and do have symptoms of that  but i also have hypothyroidism.  the two share a lot of symptoms.  difficulty losing weight is definitely a symptom.  perhaps next time you go for your annual exam or annual routine blood work, you could ask to include a TSH.  hth.  good luck!  
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This is normal. While women going through menopause she is facing such type of problem like weight gain. Don't worry. eat proper diet food. Do regular exercise. This all will help you to get relief from these symptoms. Even you can go for some herbs like chaste berry. It helps to control weight during menopause.
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i have the same problem! Im 51 yrs so it must be perimenopause

i still get my periods regularly,no hot flashes,no other symptoms just gradual slow weight gain and inability to lose despite workouts for 1 hour daily.my diet is healthy and i am barely taking in many calories. Always have been slender but if this keeps up i am bound to keep gsining  its driving me crazy!
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I'm 45 and I'm having the same problem as you are, I don't know if I'm peri menopause or menopausal. I have all the symptoms of PMS with extreme crying, teeth and gum pain, bloat, sore breasts.  

I have been working out like crazy and finding it harder to drop the 8 pounds I put on.  I would guess tha we have to add extra workouts and watch our carb intake.

I live near Boston btw
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