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Weird Periods

I think my situation is unusual in that I thought you started to have less periods as you began menopause. It started 2 months ago - had a normal 5-day period - then 2 weeks later had another 5-day period - then went a month before the next one hit which lasted for 5 days,which I thought had gotten back to normal. Not so - 2 weeks passed and have just started another period. My breasts started getting tender about a week after the last "normal" period so I kind of suspected that this was going to happen.

If anyone has any ideas about what may be going on I would appreciate it. Otherwise, will be off to the doctor, sooner than later.

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I talked to my doctor because I am pre-menopausal, and I had my period for 3 weeks straight. The doctor said this is normal, but if I had it the following week he wanted to see me in his office to make sure their weren't any other problems. My period finally stopped.  But when my husband and I had sex a few days later I started spotting again and thought I was starting again.  I saw my doctor, and he said that our cervical lining is really thin so it doesn't take much to irritate it. I did have a few cramps though so that did concern me.  The spotting did stop, but my breasts are really sensitive, and my nipples are really sore.  Also when the doctor examined me, he said that I probably shouldn't have sex until the cramping stops.  It's like I'm having a cycle without the bleeding. He said this is normal for perimenopause.  He said we could have 2-3 periods a month. Some may be long, and some could be just spotting.  I have noticed my breasts have gone up a size.  Has this happened to you  or anyone you know?  They have just been a lot fuller since I have hit perimenopause.
I hope this has helped you a little.  Take Care
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What you're describing is very similar to what I experienced just prior to my FINAL period three years ago.  Yes, periods can come every two weeks.  The intervals between periods can be long or short.  Basically, the cycle becomes really unpredictable and irregular before it ends completely.  Not fun, since it seems like you have to carry tampons or napkins/panty liners with you ALL THE TIME, not knowing when it could sneak up on you again.
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It definitely sounds like peri-menopause. I also went through the same thing. My periods became less frequent and much more lighter and shorter, then I would skip a month or so, and then another period would start. As soon as it was over I'd have another one if 2 weeks or so, then go 3 months without one and then have 2 in the same month - some just spotty others light for 2-3 days and that's it. ( I used to bleed heavy for a full 7 days! )  

After that I would have what I dubbed the "period without a period" - basically having all the breast tenderness, achiness, mild cramps, just that yucky PMS feeling and I'd tell myself " here we go again " only to have nothing happen.....I just started carrying a couple of pantyliners in my purse. Now its been almost a full year since my last "period" although I have had times where I feel like its going to start again but nothing happens.
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You give us hope that it may be over soon! Do you remember, how long did the irregular cycle phase last for you before your final period? I've had four periods already in the last month and a half, each one lasting 5 to 8 days (although one was a "period without a period" consisting of only of cramping, achiness, anxiety, and bloating). This is at age 46 after a lifetime of regular, heavy flow, intensely crampy but predictable periods lasting 5 to 7 days every 28 days, which last year turned into periods lasting 8 to 10 days with extremely heavy flooding. When will there be an end to this madness? It seems like I get about 3 days a month where I feel like my normal self, then it all starts again.
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I was probably irregular for about 3 years prior to the end.  The worst occurrence of having a period every 2 weeks started three years prior and continued for a few months, and then the cycle normalized a bit before going wacky again.....sometimes long, sometimes short, sometimes normal.  I wish I had kept my calendars of the first day of each cycle in those final years so I could be more specific.  All I remember now is the first day of my very last period.  Every woman is different, so nobody can tell you much other than to expect the unexpected.  It's not until a year passes with no period that you can allow yourself to believe menopause is over.
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Thank you for sharing your experiences! Three years seems like an eternity at this point, but it is good to know that the suffering is not endless and that we are not alone. I hope that all is well with you now...
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