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What are the side effects of progesterone pills for endometrial hyperplasia?

I’m 54 years old. Recently diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia simple without atypia. Doctor has prescibed progesterone for 3 months with repeat testing. I’m terrified to take it as there is a history of blood clots in my family and I’m overweight (but working on that). If I don’t take the progesterone, there’s a risk it will progress to enodmetrial cancer. Most info I find on side effects involves HRT with estrogen and progesterone. What are the risks of blood clot or heart attack with just progesterone? Has anyone else had a similar experience/treatment? Thank you.
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Hi.  So, always stressful to start a new medication--  you sound like me.  I focus a lot on what 'could' go wrong.  When you look at the literature of taking JUST progesterone in pill form, the risk of increased blood clotting is very low. I also would think your doctor knows your history and would not put you in unnecessary danger.  Ask your doctor about your concerns but what I've read is that you should be fine. Estrogen is more of the problem.
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Thanks very much! Doctor said what you said - increased risk is low with just progesterone, even with my family history. I kind of freaked out reading the insert from the pharmacy. But seems benefits out weigh the risk, so I started taking it a few days ago.
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Hi Bulldog_mom. Sorry you are dealing with this. The risks of progesterone seem very low and simple hyperplasia without atypia is very curable with progesterone / progestin. I don't know of any other option to reverse / resolve it. I don't think it tends to resolve on its own like mild cervical dysplasia tends to do.
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Thanks very much! It seems like it’s the only real way to reverse it. It can resolve on its own (slim chance, I think) but far better chance with progesterone. Losing weight will help it to not recur, so I’m trying to do that too. Other option was hysterectomy, but Progesterone seemed like the better option.
Trust me, you certainly don't want a hysterectomy. It causes a whole new set of problems that are permanent and progressive.

I hope you do well on the progesterone and it reverses the hyperplasia. Best of luck losing weight too.
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