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What hormones are necessary?

My girlfriend is 42. She had a full hysterectomy including removal of her ovaries. What is the best hormone replacement therapy and what hormones are necessary? How can she stay healthy, not gain weight and still be interested in sex? Any other advice about this whole situation would be helpful and appreciated.
Bob & Angela
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Hi Nancy!

Thanks for the help. Bioidentical hormone replacement sounds promising and we plan on looking into it. Angela is a little hesitant about taking testosterone. So far it has been difficult to find a doctor in our area who specializes in BHRT but we are still looking. Your advice is well rounded and informative and we are blessed.

Bob and Angela
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Hi Bob and Angela,

I had a hysterectomy 21 years ago with removal of ovaries.  For the last 4 years, I've used bioidentical hormone pellets.  These pellets are implanted under the skin of my hip.  I get estrogen and testosterone.  Estrogen for hot flashes, night sweats, dry skin, anxiety. moodiness.  Testosterone for my sex drive.    Prior to the pellets, I was on estrogen and managed those symptoms.    For 16 years, I had little sex drive.  The testosterone pellets drastically changed my life for the better.  Desire, lubrication and orgasm skyrocketed.

BHRT comes in different methods of delivery.  Pills, patches, creams, gels, troches, and pellets.  I have about 25 friends on the pellets and all agree they are the best method they've ever used.

I recommend seeing a doctor that specializes in Bioidentical Hormones.  

Good luck,
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