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Will it ever stop?

I am 50 years old, perimenopausal for more than 8 years, and have skipped several periods over the years including twice last year. The most recent interval without bleeding lasted 118 days from December 14th 2012 to April 8th 2013 (I thought I was done!), but I am now on day 27 of a period that seems never ending.
The first 2 weeks of this period was a light flow but now the flow is moderate with the usual cramps, clotting, and swollen sore breasts. I have had lengthy periods before but never exceeding 23 days.
I had an endometrial biopsy previously with normal results, and a normal Ca-125 test (13 U/ml). I have been on 10 mg Provera BID for the past 2 years to even out my estrogen dominance, which does make me feel better.
Just looking for some reassurance ... should I continue to ride this out in the hopes this period will eventually stop, or should something else be done? The last time I had a very long period like this 2 years ago I did have a simple 6 cm ovarian cyst that ruptured on its own.
Thank you for any insight you may have!
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Update -- I made it through the hip surgery, and although not being able to take my usual dose of Provera on the morning of the surgery gave me intense uterine cramping for a few days, it resolved with a return to using Aleve post op.
My period finally stopped after 35 days of bleeding, a new record for me ... Perimenopause is such a rollercoaster!
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Thank you, Eve!
The frustrating thing is that right now I can't even take NSAIDs because I have to have surgery on my hip in less than 7 days ... but if my period is still going at it after the hip surgery I will take your advice and set up an appointment see my Gyn. I keep thinking that the period I have just suffered through was my last, and I keep getting disappointed!
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Hi braveheart2,

I just finished reading your comments. I would suggest making an appointment with your family doctor. Twenty-seven days menstruating
can't be fun. I'm menopausal. Have been for two years already.
I'm a little older than you. Anyway, 27 days is almost a month.
I think it might be wise to make an appointment with your regular gp
just so you have an opportunity to ask your doctor questions and hopefully your doctor can tell you what's going on. I wish you the best, Eve :)
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I do also have several large fibroids (submucosal, subserosal, and a huge pendunculated one located on the posterior wall) and an enlarged uterus that has pushed my bladder off to one side anteriorly and is compressing my rectum posteriorly, so perhaps with all that irregular surface area in the uterine lumen it just takes time for everything to drain out? I am so close to menopause and want to avoid having  hysterectomy!
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