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abdominal cramping after menopause

I have seen my gyn for my annual pap test.  They have all come back normal (thank God).  My problem is that I have cramping much like pre-menstrual cramping. This has been going on for about 7 years now.  I don't have them all the time just about once a month for a few days.  I haven't had a cycle in 9 years.  I don't have any bleeding.  My doctor has prescribed ultrasounds and they too have come back negative.  He keeps telling me not to worry it's normal.  He put me on hormone cream and I started to have (more) cystic breasts, headaches, vision problems and insomnia.  So, I stopped them immediately.  Am I just being over cautious or maybe a little phobic?  Please help decide whether I should get a second opinion or just not worry about it and consider it part of "being a woman"?
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I've heard from lots of women that they have this type of cramping but, no periods.  It's like a "phantom period" and no one seems to know what is causing it or what it's from that I've heard.  It's pretty common apparently.  

Since you've had a thorough check up and no bleeding, I doubt that there's anything much to worry about.  It may be back related as well.  Did you know that the nerves that run from your sacral area of your spine (lower back) can cause pain to wrap around to the front to create that kind of menstrual like pain?  It can!  Since you've gone the gynecology route, why not try a chiropractor for one or two sessions to see if there's anything going on with your back and referred pain from it?  What have you got to lose?  :)  

If that doesn't help and the chiropractor doesn't think that's the cause and you're still concerned...another opinion certainly would be worth the peace of mind for you. :)  

You may also want to consider some acupuncture treatments as they can reduce and even eliminate a lot of these types of things.  

And, don't push aside the idea that there could be other things like bladder spasms, colon/bowel spasms and a whole realm of other things causing the pain.  Try a chiropractic assessment first though.  I've had great relief from this type of cramping.  It's actually coming from my back but, feels like it's menstrual related. :)  

Please update us!  
I have been on cyclic HRT (premphase) for about 25+ years. 3 yrs ago I had a D&C for polyps which were benign. My endometrium was also removed. My hormone induced periods stopped. I  stayed on HRT. Than about 1 year ago I started to have terrible painful cramps and wasn't sure what they were. I continued to get them every month after that. I had two vaginal ultrasounds which were normal. So 5 months ago I went off HRT ( i had just turned 69.) No more cramps. However,  I went into menopause like I never did before- night sweats, more bladder problems, bad hot flashes, unable to get a night's sleep - I was miserable. Two months ago I went back on premphase every other day instead of every day. My doc said go a head and see what happens.It is trial and error at this point  and will know at end of this month if the cramps return. I have been doing reading and was glad to find this site to see I'm not the only one with post menopausal cramping. I am concerned because I don't want to go thru HRT withdrawal. I have also read other blogs and it may not be practical or possible to ever come off HRT which is okay with me but not if I have such pain which I did before. I wonder if there is another type of HRT that will work for me.. there just isn't enough info or experience around!
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Im glad i seen this post..i have only been 6months no period but get all the cramping, pimples and most other symptoms of a period every month, no bleeding..so annoying...Dawn
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Just a few things to add for thought:

Hormone cream normally is only absorbed by the areas to which it is applied.  However, if breast tenderness occurs, it is a sign that hormones are reaching the blood.  That would indicate a need to cut back on the cream dosage.  My doctor recommended just applying it to the external areas, just a dab using the fingertips rather than using an applicator.

When you get the pap tests, does the doctor also press down on the abdomen to make sure he doesn't feel anything unusual (enlarged uterus, cysts, etc.)?  It should be part of the exam.  If nothing found, then I'd blame hormones from the cream.
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I am 3 years in mennopause no period or bleeding.. I am 52. I had every symptom there is that going through mennopause has. My mother died of ovarian cancer 11 years ago, so hormones is not an option for me. The hot sweats and sleepless nights were the worse. I haven't had this problem for a few months. I stay current on my breast exams and mammograms. And pelvic exams as well as a ca-125.
The past 2 months I have been having cramps breast tenderness and my face is breaking out.. Oh and my moods up and down.. This is everyday for at least 30 days stright. I have heard this is normal for some women to have these symptoms for years after mennopause. It this true?
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well I am glad I googled this cramping because I am 59 and have had this for almost a year.  Your description of your menstrual/lower abdominal cramping is exactly what mine is.  I strongly believe now that mine comes from my lower back pain and I will be checking this with a chiropractor as suggested by PerimenoWorried response.  I had an ultrasound done a few months ago and saw a Homeopath and she treated me with a remedy that works but it comes back again as soon as the remedy is done.   So want to get to the bottom of this.  
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I have been post menopausal for 6 yrs now. I was diagnosed at 32 and I haven't had a natural period since till last month. I had all the symptoms of a menstrual cycle from the cramping, sore breast, discharge and bleeding for 3 days. I went to my gyne and they did a test by taking a piece of my lining and testing and I was told the results say I am still post menopausal and that it's like my body was remembering what it use to do, but this month I also experienced cramping but nothing else and I keep reading and hearing these are potential cancer symptoms. I don't want to constantly think something is wrong but I am being told that because of my age they are not as concerned as they would be in an older person. I just worry because this just started out of no where and its been 6 yrs.
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Have you had a colonoscopy?
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I am so glad I found this site.  I  had a hysterectomy and have been post menopausal for 10 years.  I still get cramping about 4 times a year, at the exact time my daughter is menstruating and cramping.  Docs thought it was diverticulitis at one point. But the episodes are too coincidental, and I certainly do remember what menstrual cramping feels like.  I finally feel like I am not alone in this.
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I have been having cramps for 10 years now it went away for 2 years and came back. They come in the early morning or Midday they last about 15 mins.Now they come often,Iam 58 I don't want them  when Iam 60.
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Why im i still having a period at age 55 very bad cramps 10 day before cycle and after can some please give me some advise.
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I am post-menopausal-- not having had a period in four years, but my twelve year old daughter just started her periods last month. Both last month and this month I have had menstrual like cramps and a bloated feeling starting the day before her period began and lasting 3-4 days. Before my daughter began menstruating I did not experience any of this "phantom cramping." I suspect that in the way that menstruating women in the same household have cycles that align, something similar is going on here.  Question:  For others experiencing "phantom cramping"-- does it occur the same time of month as menstruating women close to you are having their periods? (ie: women living in the same household, coworkers, close friends?)
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I've read many times that women who live together, even if they aren't related, frequently have very similar "schedules." I don't know if this would apply to menopause, but it's possible. I'll have to ask my daughter if it's "her time" because I have menstrual-like cramps, too... and it has me a bit concerned, because I had an ovarian cyst and cervical cancer in the 1980s.
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It should never e about just "being a woman" in my opinion. I mentioned elsewhere that I too have had similar problems. Coming off hormone pills has made my life miserable. I'd suggest a specialist in hormone therapy if you can find one. I may have to do the same if my current trial and error of every other day hormone pills (instead of every day) doesn't work. I got this book (it is an old one) that was recommended on this subject called No Change by wendy Cooper. It is out of print but there are a couple left. Talks about menopause not being a disease or natural phenomenon we have to accept and live with and something we woman have to put up with. It is rather interesting even though it was written in 1975.
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