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all over itching, hemmorhoids,-menopause or crazy?

I am a 45 year old female. I have had slight hemmorhoid problems in the past, usually a little otc cream and it gets better, but  4-6 weeks ago, began having severe anal itching, began otc meds for hemmorhoids, after about a week, it was  getting much worse,so I was called in a Rx for cortizone foam, symptoms improved, still some itching, but NOW  for about a week, I am itching ALL OVER, scalp, arms, legs. Not at night, but as soon as I wake and start moving around.  Benadryl had helped when "hemmrhoids" where flaring, but doesn't help this itch.  I had begun taking acidiphilous supplements and a colon cleansing product that has mostly things like garlic and thyme, but discontined them just to make sure they weren't causing it.  Been off them for several days now and no relief.  I have been all over this site and tried to find any info.  The only thing I've found that resonates is maybe hormonal changes, such as pre-menopause.  I have had an IUD for years now and do not have periods, so I can't say if anything else indicates menopause starting. I am reluctant to go to the Dr. because -A.  I don't know which kind to go to, and B.   I think they'll think I am crazy.  This itching IS driving me crazy and nothing brings any long term relief.  I have tried hydrocortisone creams and just moisturizers and bathe more often than ever because sweating of any kind makes it worse, but this has been going on long enough.  Can someone please offer some advice or insight?
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I'm not a doctor but I will say that hemmorhoids could be the culprit, but it's really odd that you only itch when you're awake, and that you itch all over. "Roids" pretty much know their place, if you know what I mean. I also don't know of a single disease or disorder that strikes only at specific times of the day. Itching is seldom a symptom of perimenopause, but that doesn't mean you aren't transitioning into that phase of your life as you're definitely at the right age.
I strongly suggest you put on your big girl panties and go see your GYNECOLOGIST. I can promise you that they will NOT think you're crazy! Although they might think you were crazy to wait so long to come in! Besides, YOU already think you're crazy, so who cares? LOL (I know this is NOT a laughing matter)
Something is going on that need diagnosing by a doctor and you've tried enough of the OTC self-medicating. Woman up and make the appointment today. No time like the present, eh? In a few days, assuming they run some tests, you will know what's going on and you can put the anxiety behind you.
You'll be just fine, I promise!
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