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bioidentical progesterone/hormones

Hi all!
I am on bioidentical progesterone. Had levels checked... high estrogen , very low progesterone. Not much improvement so Dr rechecked after 6 months, still very low progesterone ( I was on low dose).
She increased progesterone dose. How long til I feel a significant difference. She told me to give it 2-3 months and call if no improvement- she would recheck my levels again.
I want some relief from insomnia, anxiety ( 2nd half of cycle is worst), fatigue, heart palps... ect..
Thanks to anyone who has been there and can help.
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Finally starting to feel a bit more "normal"... still not sleeping so great,mainly getting to sleep is the issue. But I think the bioidentical progesterone is starting to work... I feel somewhat less stressed, less foggy minded, less weepy, ect.... I can only hope it will get better and better.
Bad news, I am putting on some weight too even with increased exercise and carefully watching diet. But I guess I will have to take good with bad... If this is what it takes to feel somewhat normal again I will endure for now.
Good luck to all the ladies out there!!! Hang in there, we are in this together!!
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Hi :0)  boy do I know where you are coming from. I started bioidenticals from a local compounding pharmacy about 8 months ago. My doctor added in a little testosterone in the RX 1.25mg and it has helped a lot with energy and libido. He said 25 days on 5 days off. About being crazy....comes with the territory for awhile, take a Yoga class. My problem is weight gain around my middle but I eat right and exercise so I'm thinking I have to significantly reduce calories. I am 49 by the way. Feel free to vent, I think it helps a lot.
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Thanks. I am seeing naturopath and on super delux vitamins..
It does help somewhat. It is great to know I am not alone... or crazy (  well maybe a little).
And thanks also for the hugs- everyone can never have enough of those.
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While you're waiting for the increase in progesterone to kick in, why not give yourself some boost by taking a good vitamin supplement regime?  Try getting Vitamin B (all the B's in a good combo pill), C, especially D (about 1000 iu's per day...is NOT toxic and you can't really overdose especially at that level), E, calcium and magnesium, Omega 3 and zinc.  You could also add some Chasteberry in as that doesn't increase estrogen (stay away from Black Cohosh!).  And, while you're at it, do some research on Melatonin as it helps with sleep.  

A lot of us have either been there or are going through the very same thing right now.  HUGS!

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