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can you go thru menopause at age 27

I am 27 and I've had 1 period in 7 months, I had one in April 2006, then did not have another until August 19 2006 and have not had one since, I know Am not pregnant because i took a test and my husband's had a vasectomy 20 months ago. I have a 2 year old and ever since i had him my periods have been messed up, but not like this. Could i be going thru early menopause?
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Absolutely! Go to the dr. and request testing for FSH, LH and Estradiol. While your having blood drawn, it wouldn't hurt to also check your thyroid levels.
Are you having any symptoms besides missing your period?

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I've been having lots of weird symptoms. Since i have had my periods go crazy, I've noticed that my hair is turning grey like crazy, and also gaining weight. My sex drive has went down a lot, were i don't want it know more or don't even want to think about it.
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Im 27 now but I also went 7 moths with no period.  I get really bad dizzy spells that just come on from no where.  My period has been pretty regular (for me)  its still never on time but its not like it was.  I had a huge siezure a few years ago when things were really bad and no doctor knows why I had it.  I worry every time I have a dizzy spell that I might have another siezure.  It ***** paying out all this money and just getting some stupid doctor shrugging thier shoulders at me.
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the same thing happened to me after the birth of my fourth son.  I am also 27 and was diagnosed with perimenopause (early menopause).  My symptoms are sweating horribly, pms type moods, no period, major water retention and weight gain, low hormone levels, thinning/graying hair, sharp ovarian pain on the left side, weird skin dryness and rashes (like eczema), no sex drive, insomnia and excessive tiredness (even after lots of sleep), wierd allergies to certian foods and synthetic fabrics (which never happened to me before), slow digestion, horrible heartburn, headaches, and back pain.  So, after 4-5 specialist I have found a combination of natural remedies that help alot, but it will take a couple months to adjust, it's so worth the wait!  First I take maca root capsils (4 pills twice a day) but I worked my way up to that over the course of 2 months starting with one in the morning and one at night), BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy), alkaline water (for water retention), gastro cleanse (for slow digestion, once a month), probiotics, omega (menopause formula), prenatal vitamins (they have the right combo for menopause women...lots of B vitamins), calcium supplements (for bone loss), and basic minerals.  Here are the websites for everything...have a look, no shipping costs and doctor recommended.
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iam  27 and havent had a period since the birth of my 2nd child 7months ago i have also  been getting dizzy for no reason, having hot flashes my memory is horrible and i have weird food allergies without actually being alergic to anything could this be early menapause?
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Did anyone find anything out at all? I am 28, i started getting these dizzy spells last year in the summer. Then they would come and go through out the fall. Now they are here almost everyday. I feel sick everyday. I get really really hot and have to fan myself and slam a bottle or two of water.
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i am 27 and have 5 kids ages 4 to 10 i have always had a period except when pregnant i had my tubes tied in 2008 after my last child and it now the 2end month without my period i don't think i can get pregnant and i thought i was to young for menopause but my 2 sisters both have thyroid problems my oldest sister had her removed a few years back  
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I’m 27 and i’m been sexually active since I was 17. I’ve had ITP(now gone) and now have Lupus in remission and anxiety/depression. At the moment  tho I’m on depression medication.
Since being with my fiancée (4years) I’ve never used contraception or had a pap smear. After this long we have sex regularly I should have fallen pregnant, whilst apart I cheated so I’m had a STD/STI check and I’m all clear. At the moment I’m going through MAJOR hot flushes where I sweat so much and 2 mins later I’m fine tho, I’m putting on weight like theres no tomorrow gain 3 sizes in 2 month. We are trying for a baby but nothing. My perioids are regualar within a few days and i’v had all my cervical cancer shots.
Im confused, maybe I’m baron? Them why do i have my periods?

Help x
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I'm with you girls, only difference is I have no children. I am 28 yrs old and have always had regular periods. I do have PCOS, but drs made it seem like wasn't a big deal and that the cysts would go away?!? Even tho they are very painful! When I did have periods they were AWFUL! Every one of them since I was 12-13! Excruciating non-mobile for the first 2-3 days. Also I have always had high metabolism, my whole life I have never been over weight could eat anything at all, and was still under weight. 5'4 & was 105 at highest weight & a size 00. That was until last NOV 2011! So for 13 months I have had no period and have gained about 30 lbs! I look bigger in thighs boobs n some love handles but I don't look like the size 12 I have gone to?? Very odd but I have sure enough gone up to a 12 in just a short period of time! Idk HOW this happened I actually was more active and ate better than before! I ate a pumpkin pie for breakfast lunch and dinner (1/2 or 1 a day) for like 5 months and didn't gain a single lb! Now If I even look at fatty foods I get huge! What is happening and what do I do to lose this weight and reverse the effects! I am scared and in need of some major help!6
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Basically same thing as you Emma without having had any children! What do we do about this weight gain!
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Camel girl...try a detox. Drink apple cider vinigar, tea, do easy yoga! It helped me tremendously!
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