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closed cervix

Has anyone else had a failed hysteroscopy due to a closed cervix? I was put under a general anaesthetic for a hysteroscopy to check out irregularities which had showed up on an ultrasound. When I woke up I was told it was unsuccessful as they couldn't open my cervix to look inside my womb. I'm seeing a gyn in 2 weeks but I'm wondering what can be done. As they can't do a hysteroscopy I'm wondering if there is any other procedure that could be carried out on someone with a closed cervix that would be sufficient for them to see if the irregularities of my womb are serious.
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They're going to try again to do a hysteroscopy & biopsy under GA, but this time with a flexible (instead of rigid) scope and using ultrasound to guide the scope. I asked why they hadn't done it this way when they tried before - was told they hadn't had the equipment to hand. But I'd been told earlier that a failed hysteroscopy due to a stenotic cervix was not too unusual in postmenopausal women who haven't had children. They knew there would probably be this problem with me, hence doing it under GA rather than an office hysteroscopy. So I can't understand why they exposed me to the risk of the GA without having the equipment they must have known might be needed for me and other women with the same problem.

Sorry I'm ranting, but I'm feeling upset and worried about all this.
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Last year, when I went to my GYN with spotting, while on HRT, she attempted doing a biopsy in the office but couldn't do it, due to stenosis of my cervix.  She said because both of my children were C-sections, that was probably why my cervix wouldn't open. I am 65 and had been on HRT for 10 yrs.  I did have the biopsy done then at the hospital under GA, and thankfully, it was negative for cancer.  I agree with you that it is very odd the hospital staff did not have the proper equipment available when you were there for a hysteroscopy.  So, now you get to double expense of another hospital trip and have to exerience anesthesia again.
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How did the flexible hysterscope work?  I had the exact same problem on Friday, in the hospital, GA, hysteroscope did not work, she tried flex and rigid - nothing.  I had an ablation in 2002 which apparently scarred my cervix (yet I spot).  3 weeks until my follow up..... she is talking hysterectomy.  Any other tests that can be done to see if it is cancer??  I also "failed" the saline sonohysterogram - no entrance to the uterus through the cervix.
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Rant away don't worry I felt the same way as you and boy angry was not even the word.  Read my operation notes what they did was very violating... couldn't get it in no matter how hard they tried... did laproscopy no problem... have no scar on my tummy or anything it's amazing only very small one just above my pubic bone this one took the longest to heal.  But yes feel a bit nervous they could not look in there esp after having had CIN II and III removed from the neck of my womb age 20 and Cone Biopsy.  Also have anteverted uterus which could indicate fluid build up... ie some menstral fluid is getting stuck up there and not all of it is coming out... this does worry me a bit really nothing showed up on ultra sound and not everything does but do you think you can get the Dr's to listen grrr have battled with my male gynae for 12 months had trouble with HSG he even said it was the size of a pinhead had enormous issues getting die into my tubes. Yet as I do menstruate every 28 days although my period is not as normal as it once was with lots of thick old blood being sighted which is a little worrying may be nothing but who knows... just want some answers but have just discovered gynae wants to talk with my fertility specialist who is away on holiday for another 2 weeks GREAT just what I need another hold up...
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I know you posted this quite a while ago and likely you are no longer checking this or even on here anymore... but can you please tell me how everything went and what they did to get round it...  I am in New Zealand had exactly the same problem as you unable to do hysteroscopy likely they will put me under again and try and re do it.  Not a common problem here Dr feels a bit out of her depth threw over male gynae for a female one originally from the USA and has also worked in a fertility clinc there she said after my laproscopy (success) and failed hysterscopy that she needs to consult with her superiors and other surgeons who may have dealt with this condition... likely also surgeons ob gynae from overseas sources too lack of experience in dealing with this sort of thing is not a very comforting feeling at all...fortunately fertility specialist is quite experienced... just really hope they do not make things worse by doing another hatchet job and close up my cervix completely... one comment I read suggested zapping it with a laser she had 3 children closed each time zapped with laser opened again and fine this woman was from Canada this theory sounded like best option to me will discuss it with gynae.  I realise you are not a health professional but anything you can tell about how the proceeded with yours could be a big help to me to discuss with gynea and find best way forward with this.
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I have had a failed hysteroscopy and an MRI scan. What happens if no cancer. Do I just have to put up with random bleeding?
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I went to the Gyn last week she told me my cervix was closed but didn't tell me why I'm 54 years old
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