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could these be perimenopause symptoms

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

I am 45 y/0 with 3 children.  I've had no remarkabel past medical history. my family history is basically osteoporosis,arthritis, alzheimers, and a grandparent with early breast cancer.

About 1 1/2 years ago I woke up with tinnitus both ears which has never gone away.  I've had this feeling of motion sickness on and off too.  Since June I intermittently get a burning sensation on the skin of my arms and jaw.  My periods used to come about every 28-30 days, but now come about 21-24 days.  I get bloating and bad headaches and pms is much worse.  I am having an ultrasound today for an enlarged right ovary and pain in my groin area.  
I went to a neurologist and mri of brain/spinal cord/auditory canals ok.  thyroid, b12, ana, sed rate, esr are all normal. Hearing test ok, they don't suspect menieres.
I asked my gyn if this could be hormone related and he said he had never heard of those symptoms and that hormone levels were too unreliabel to draw.

thank you
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Ans: Tinnitus is a problem that really is upsetting for people.  You might try seeing another doctor, perhaps an ENT doctor who might be more focused on tinnitus. The testing you have already had done is reassuring that nothing life threatening is going on. Unfortunately, many times there isn
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just got back from my ultrasound which he said showed quite a bit of pelvic congestion-which explains the pelvic pain and bloating but I'm still wondering if the tinnitus, burning skin sensation on arms and jaw, and dizziness could be related to menopause.
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I have creepy crawling sensations everywhere.  I don't have burning, but do have migraine type headaches that burn in the back of my head sometimes.  Do you have facial tingling?  I've had it for about 8 years, I'm only 35.  My grandmother went through menopause when she was 39, nothing traumatic caused this, she just one month didn't have her period, got tested and that was the last she had.  I don't know if thats my problem or not.  I do have ringing in my ears, heart palpitations, and PMS something terrible, doc put me on Prozac that didn't help at all.  I'm going to the doc next week, I'm going to have my thyroid checked and I'm asking for a Lymes test.  I know it's scary, you feel horrible, and the anxiety that these symptoms create is awful.   Talk again.
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Hi JennyWren
Thanks for your response.  I did have my thyroid checked and I was checked for lyme too.  Although he did say the lyme tests aren't very reliable. My gyn recommended birth control pills just to see if it helps.  I'm going to check out the site you gave me.
take care
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Your very welcome! Helped me too!
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During menopause, your skin sometimes becomes unbearably dry, causing that dry prickly burning sensation.  I suggest no hot baths, only warm short showers, and use lotion like gold bond to ease the sensation.

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I feel I am heading down the peri-menopause highway.  Symptoms include crawling skin, insomnia, hot flashes, mood swings, no sex drive, vag dryness.

Now I am experiencing period like symptoms but no flow.  Is this normal for peri-menpause??  I've got the cramps, backache, breast tenderness, migraine and diarrhea blow out before hand.  Sorry too graphic.

I am the mom of a multi-disabled little boy who just got a G-tube.  My stress level is huge and I care for him 24/7.  Sometimes I feel like I am just losing it.  Can anyone relate?

Tuscany...........I wish I was there ;0)
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