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heavy bleeding/clots/32 mths after menopause

I am turning 52 in 2 weeks. recenty had a heavy period, with clots. The last menstrual period I had was 32 months ago.
I had a vaginal ultra sound on fri, and they found a fibroid. This made me feel better, funny to say this, but, I was relieved to know that their was a reason. I have been feeling alot of pressure on my bladder, a full feeling all the time. Also when the scan was done my bowel appeared to be full also. No wonder I am so uncomfortable.
Although not constipated, she kept asking me?
The Q is: Does this indicate an operation? I personally feel this is the only way to relieve the pressure on my bladder and bowel. I barely struggle to work at the moment-feeling nauseus all the time.
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I'm not a doctor but, I'd question why your doc hasn't come up with a possible solution for this problem.  Perhaps, getting a second opinion may help?  Fibroids generally shrink after menopause so, if you have one that is of size enough to be able to cause bleeding like that after 32 months and put pressure on bowel and bladder and causing you this much discomfort, I'd say that a second opinion would be warranted here as to how to get help for this. I think that perhaps, a uterine biopsy (simple office procedure, done quickly and easily) might be called for here just to be on the safe side.  It could be that you are prolapesed (lowering of the uterus into the vaginal canal) which might not allow for full emptying of the bowel/bladder or both.  Perhaps, trying some fibre supplements might help with the bowels emptying more readily?  

In all honesty, I'd seek out a second opinion as to what can be done to help you because you shouldn't have to put up with this type of constant discomfort and there should be options given to you...not just an "it's likely a fibroid" and nothing else offered.  

Best of wishes.
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