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indigestion and heartburn

Can hormonal imbalance cause heartburn and indigestion symptoms? The only time in my life i have experienced heartburn was 24 yrs ago when pregnant with my daughter. All of a sudden in July 2011 i started getting heartburn and indigestion which at first i thought something i ate out of the ordinary but the symptoms wont go away. I went to family doctor they prescribed Prilosec which i took for a week with no difference if anything it was worse with pain in my chest. I called the dr and they called in a prescription for Protonic which i took for about a week or 2 with no relief. I went back to the dr. They did an endoscopy and  found irritation from reflux and just gave me instruction for reflux. No matter what I eat it happens. I was so miserable. I called them back to tell them the medication (back on double dose Protonic) was not helping. I was barely able to eat at all. They had to prescribe me a GI cocktail to numb my esophagus to get any relief. I had suspicions it might be hormonal because it seemed like during my periods it would ease up or go away. It is Oct and my last period did seem longer (1 week) but that week was symptom free except for the day I made the mistake and ate some nuts but it was nothing like usual. My period ended on Sunday and I started feeling the symptoms coming back on Monday. Today is Friday I had to take the numbing cocktail yesterday but I havent eaten anything I wasnt supposed to. I am 46 yrs old, my last physical last yr they said i was in amazing health. I am not overweight, I exercise, eat healthy, dont smoke. I only drink in moderation(maybe glass of wine once in a while) but nothing since this started. I just want to be back to normal. I just feel this isnt going to heal until they get to the bottom of it and drs dont seem to take it seriously. I have been trying to research different things and I started taking probiotics on my on that seemed to help but it always seems to start back up. I just orders the macafem today just in case it is hormonal to see if it might help. Im willing to try anything.
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Have you posted this on the reflux board??
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