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itching or bug crawling sensation

I have researched a lot about the feeling of a bug crawling sensation all over and have found that a lot of women suffer from this.  Most of the posts about this on this forum are dated and I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has been feeling this.  Been to a few drs., had bloodwork done, my liver and kidneys tested and everything is normal.  I read that this could be a big part of perimenopause or menopause itself.  Still getting a period but I am 51 years old.  Please anyone let me hear your experiences with this and cures if any.  Thank you.
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I have this sensation regularly and have scratched myself silly! I just got back from Walmart with 5 boxes of bandaids! No kidding. Just last night I thought I could feel them in my hair and told my fiance (who is still around....amazing) that I thought I might have head lice.  I am actually cracking up as I am writing this because I didn't know about this particular symptom and I had decided I had better stop kissing the dogs goodnight because I had either lice or fleas...  I just know that I have about every symptom out there and this is one of the weirder ones.  I can't tell you how to alleviate it but sometimes it just helps to know someone is in the thick of it with you...
Totally feeling the bug crawling sensation and paranoid that I am infested with microscopic parasites.  Driving me crazy! I've been washing everything...bedding, towls...etc
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I also have a dog and thought it was coming from her.  But I don't think so.  It's very annoying and unless I am very preoccupied with something, I feel it a lot.  It's been two weeks now.  It is good to know that others have this feeling and I'm not crazy!  Thanks for your reply.
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Did you get any feedback that helped? I have been visiting the healing grapevine often and getting some feedback there. Yes I agree with you. For some time I wanted to think it was bugs, then I stumbled upon morgellon's and I thought it was inside of me. But I cannot help but noticed that when am not sitting at my desk and I switch chairs, it almost goes away completely. I can't help but notice people who come to my house scratching, and I can't ignore the fact that sometimes I walk by people on the bus, the swap at their arm, and look at their arm as if they are looking for something that bit them. I too notice people around me scratching. At work if people come to my cubicle and I am having a bad itching day, I notice them scratching their heads too. If I clean my area with Windex and it gets better, people come to my area and don't scratch. I do not know what the origin of this is, but I do know there are bugs involved with it. Or a fungus, or something we really can't see, but is there making others itch too.
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