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leg weekness, wobbly head and eyes

The last 6 months have been challenging to say the least.  Every test in the book I have been given.  The last is a spinal tap for ms.  I am really scared.  My legs are week and feel disconnected to my body at times.  I also have anxiety attacks even with enjoyable situations.  I walk my dogs in the morning thinking this will help relieve the stress but come back exhausted, weak legs, wobbly head and with little will to continue the day.  The smallest thing can turn me upside down.  This started about two months ago.  My legs started feeling heavy then weak.  Hot flashes, anxiety attacks are more evident at night.  I sometimes can't even see straight and feel nautious.  Now I am at the point were I dread starting the day knowing a long day is ahead of me with little activity I feel comfortable doing.  I love to garden, paint etc....My head gets heavy, legs  weak, eyes don't seem to want to focus right and I end up on the couch or bed.  Yuk!!!  Is this menopause?  Does anybody else have these symptoms and what do you do?  Why do perfectly once enjoyable tasks seem a hardship???  
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I,m feeling the same way as you.Its hard to get through the day..your not alone.
Check out www.powersurge.com
Theres tons of info on there about Meno symptoms..alot of them you wont hear from a Doctor.
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Thanks for the reply.  Knowing someone is having the same symptoms relieves some of the stress.  I keep going to the ms web page in hope that there will be a sign that says "you do not have ms".  The symptoms are so much the same.  Doctors are not helping or comforting and I am tired of having test done.  I just want to wake up the next morning with my head clear and enjoy the day as once before.  Patience is a virtue.
Thanks again for the comments.  I will check out the web  for powersurge.
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Please check out the website.Ive found it the best one so far..Woman going through everything you are going through. Your not alone i asure you.It doesnt make it any easier but at least you know that whever your feeling they have felt to.Most of us have had tons of tests because of course we think something terrible must be wrong..How can this be Menopause.For most of us the answers are always the same...NOTHING WRONG.Ive had so many tests done its unreal.FROM HEAD TO TOE.The only one that came back positive was Menopause. I havnt had a period in 6 months so essentially i,m considered Peri Menopausal..but my Doc told me looking at my numbers i,m definately Menopausal..ive gone past Peri. shame because i didnt get not one symptom  in Peri
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Yes, I have similar symptoms which have been helped  somehwhat by bioidentical hormones. Still have some anxiety, hot flushes, and any very hot temps outside/inside make me feel horrible.
I too have had every test and all negative except for hypothryoid.
I am only in perimenopause ( oh help me get thru the menopause part). I have a sister who has MS,  a mother who has early onset alzheimers- All  scarey for me.
Some days are great, others are pure heck. Wish I could figure out how to get all good days... DARN those hormones!!
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Hi Melanie,
We will get thru this together.  I haven't had my blood tests taken for where I am at in the menopause thing but should find out.  I don't want it to come back that it is just the beginning.  Keeping an upbeat attitude is sometimes really difficult when the ole body is shaking and rattling.
Tell me about your day and how you get thru it.  If you are more active are your symptoms worse?  Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a noise in my head, axiety attack and my body gave a big jerk.  It almost....almost doesn't scare me anymore because so many weird sensations have taken place the last month.  What next?
Are you working?  Staying at home?  It would be helpful to know what you do during the day for me to gage what I am doing.  Your symptoms and length of time not having a period is very similiar to mine.  Talking with friends who are feeling pretty normal is very hard on me.  I am glad for them but it would help talking to someone who is just getting thru the day too.  
Take care
Anne 56
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Hi Anne
Well i work from home as a groomer but i,m still finding it very hard to cope and have told lots of my clients that i,m no longer grooming.I seem to be only able to do one or two dogs and only when i realy feel up to it. I seem to spend most of my time trying to get it together.I feel like the longer i stay in bed in the mornings the worse i feel.I feel somewhat better if i,m moving but find i get exhausted and cant wait for bedtime to roll around.I wake up several times during the night with hot flashes but i did just buy this thing called a cool touch comfort pillow. It has helped keep me cool.I just lay on it..used it for the first time last nigth and didnt wake up quite so much..
I dont know what to tell you about getting through the day.Its hard for me but whats the alternative.  I still have many moments of thinking that this cant be Menopause and theres something seriously wrong.Like you think you have MS. I dont know what i think i have but its very hard to just think Menopause. How can it be so brutal and how can woman cope day in and day out. I really think this brings abut the anxiety because we all tend to focus on it being something else. I never had problems in Peri obviously and was quite shocked when told i was MENO Because as i said its only been 6 months since a period..not a year like they tell you. I go back to have blood drawn the first week of July and then will see my GYN the second week..she wants to compare the two tests as she told me hormones fluctuate greatly.Then hopefully come up with a plan.I,m not expecting any magic pill but if i could feel half way better every day then i can cope.I really feel like right now i,m not coping to well and find myself hardly ever leaving the house and hating it when people come over because i cant find the energy to entertain them.My poor hubby has been a blessing but i feel so bad for him..he's lost his wife really
Please E mail me at my hotmail address is youde like to.Its ***@****
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