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meaning of proliferative endometrium
im 34 and suffering from continious bleeding during my mensurational cycle and it continue for two months. i consulted doctor and they advised me to go through the biopsy of endometrium and the report shows the following things-
compact cellular stroma and tubular endometrial glands lined by columar epithelium. some of the glands show pseudostratification and occasional mitosis.
and in the diognosis column it is written like -
Proliferative Endometrium.
what actually it means as i am not a medical person and if feasible let me know in the normal terminologies.
waiting for your reply
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The first half of the menstrual cycle is called the proliferative phase. It is a description for when the lining is building up due to rising levels of estrogen. After ovulation, the progesterone causes 'secretory' changes and is called the secretory phase. This just means you aren't ovulating or you haven't ovulated yet that month. It is not a problem. It does mean you can't get pregnant until that changes. It also means that you might need progesterone to stop the bleeding. Depending on what your goals are (pregnancy, stopping the bleeding, etc.) what to do will differ. Talk with your doctor about your goals and ask what is going to be done to reach them.
Machelle Seibel, MD
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