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menopause symptoms

i had a total hysterectomy but still have my ovaries at the age of 31. i am now 50.
since the age of 35 i have suffered severe depression, heart palpitations, dizzy /vertigo symptoms, severe tiredness. i have had every test and no doctor can find anything wrong with me. couldthis have been menopause all along.
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I'm sorry you've been suffering for so long! It's shocking that no doctor connected these symptoms with your hysterectomy. Hysterectomy has been shown to impair ovarian function. That impairment can be complete (as if the ovaries were removed) or partial. A woman with all her parts and in natural menopause has been shown via studies to have higher levels of hormones than women who have had hysterectomies, even those whose ovaries were not removed.

I was a complete basket case after my uterus and ovaries were removed 12 years ago. The effects on my brain were extreme - severe depression and inability to think, concentrate and remember. I had little energy and often felt shaky. I aged rapidly - lost so much hair and skin collagen. Although I didn't have heart palps or dizziness / vertigo, I know a number of women who did.

Has any doctor prescribed estrogen? Finding the right form and dose of estrogen was a huge help for me including lifting me out of the black hole of depression. I know many doctors think we only need it until the "natural age" of menopause but that is misguided since we cannot be lumped in with intact women.

I hope this helps and you can find help! Let's keep the conversation going.  
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Try alternative medicine NAET and/or BRT,  body restoration technique with a chiropractor that does applied kenisology,  AK.  

NAET does have a DETOX protocol to clear allergies form the system.  Once the DETOX protocol is completed the chiropractor will be able to help you with specific issues.  

Both methods are non invasive  and there are NO NEEDLES.  

I used BRT AND NAET for my menopause.  Had hot flashes for 10 days at 50. I am now 59 and have NEVER had another hot flash again.  

My husband and I have used these techniques for more than allergies.  For issues such as rashes,  viruses. Bacteria,  lung and cough, blood sugar,  inflammation,  arthritis, metals,  thyroid,  CELIAC disease,  exposure to pesticides. Liver, gallbladder,  cholesterol etc.
Both our immune systems have improved and we get blood tests every 6 months to monitor our progress.  

Good luck
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