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menopause will last the rest of my life

my gynocologist stated menopause will last until the rest of my life. my last period was january 2001.  oh no....is this true. i trust my dr. how about all of you
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I am not sure what you are asking?  Once your period stops for one year you are considered in menopause but a lot of the symptoms that you get during perimenopause should subside.  Are you still having a lot of symptoms 11 years past your last period?  But yes once your period stops it won't start back up again. .
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He is correct...unfortunately. Hormone Pellet Therapy will help you feel normal again! I had 1 Estadiol pellet and 2 testosterone pellets inserted. I also have Progesterone liquid I take. All are Bioidentical Hormones compounded in a pharmacy.
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