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menopause with one ovary

I had a hsyterectomy over a year ago, leaving only one ovary.  I am having very bad night sweats, having to change clothes several times in the night.  Is it possible I am going into menopause?
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Hello:) I'm not a doctor but that sounds like hot flashes to me :) I was apprehensive about taking hormones (estrogen) and my doctor told me he had success with something new that was being done and it was a very very small dose of testosterone. It hardly looks like there is anything in the syringe but I get it everything 3 weeks and my hot flashes are gone! If I don't get them, they come right back. I hope this helps some:) Take care:)
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It's either perimenopause or menopause.  Since having your uterus and not having a cycle it's hard to tell.  Nevertheless if you're experiencing symptoms then you have to do something.  I would try natural supplements first and if they are not effective then Rx. Progesterone cream works well, along with herbal supplements and Yogi Energy Tea.

Take care
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