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mood swings and perimenopause

I have read the posts about the perimenopause and somebody recommended the estrosmart.  I ordered it and started it, it helps, but not 100%  Are there any other recommendations?  I have been tracking my symptoms and they seem to be occurring the two weeks after my period and then they stop and I feel normal again.  During that time the joint pain gets worst and the mood swings.  I am on a pill so the hot flashes are not too bad.  I also have a hypothyroid I know does not help.  Thank god I have a very understanding husband!
  Any thoughts?  I have read about the B Vitamins particularly B6 has anyone found help with these?

thanks: spedteach
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Here's my experience...
Around age 44 it seamed as if my body became possessed, and the symptoms started to stack up. I remember clearly the day I had to leave my exercise class because I couldn't stop crying (for no reason at all). It was downhill from there: epic brain fog & mood swings, hair loss, brittle nails, no coordination, apathetic about everything, I started getting lost driving places I'd been to many times. My once great sex drive was gone, I even became repulsed by sex (I was with same man throughout it all, and never had any sexual issues before), and I was super sensitive to odors. I decided to quit taking my birth control pills and within a few months my menstral flow and frequency became horrible, there were days I couldn't leave the house. Once the clots were so big I thought it was a miscarriage.
Over the past 3 years I've been to the following doctors: 2 OB/GYNs, 3 endocrinologists, psychiatrist, 2 psychologists, urologist, and finally... a sexual health specialist, who seems to have the solution! She's amazing, because of her experience with "sex hormones" (which are a mystery to all standard endocrinologists) she has listened to and treated my symptoms, not just the numbers on my lab tests. She is also confident enough to prescribe a medication off-label, but wise enough to proceed with caution. I've been using a testosterone gel for about 2 months, and within the last 2 weeks it's as if the clouds have parted and I have hope again (and no mannish hair growth or deep voice, etc!). I know of many women find relief from our symptoms from estrogen alone, but this doctor explained that the importance of testosterone for women is VERY under recognized, and some of the testosterone naturally "changes" into estrogen in our body. So as of now, after MUCH trial and error, I'm on the following meds; testosterone gel (not androgel, it's not good for women), birth control pills with the highest estrogen and lowest progesterone, Wellbutrin ( for depression), Concerta (ADHD). A side note about progesterone- many doctors and women swear by progesterone, for me it's almost toxic, put me into a severe dark depression, and the doctor who presided it said it wasn't working and prescribed a higher dose, I almost didn't make it through that one.
I've also changed to eatting only whole plant-based foods, minimal processed food and sugar, minimal to no caffeine. There's a cool website with lots of evidence-based info about food and health - nutritionfacts.org
I have no idea where you're at in your process, but don't give up. Overall I think the hormones are the answer, but our society underestimates them, and tells women we're crazy, bitchy, moody, get over it, it's all in your head, etc. - or go get pregnant!!!???
I can't stress enough the importance of finding a LEGITAMATE sexual health doctor with experience! After several years dealing with this, I'm amazed at how much doctors DON'T know about the intricate nature of our hormones! Even doctors that one would assume should know this info (ie ob/GYNs & endocrinologists).

And don't let anyone tell you you're too young for menopause. The process begins 5-10 years before we actually "hit" menopause (which is technically the 24 hours one year after our final menstration), everything else is perimenopause or post-menopause, and the process and symptoms are different for every woman! I kept thinking it can't be "menopause stuff" because I'm not getting hot flashes, so I just thought I was crazy.
I wish you all the best, you're courageous and stronger than you know! Don't settle for than less than you know you can be!
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