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officially menapause???

Hi Dr.

I'll try to be brief but do want to give you some relevant (hopefully) background.

I am a 47 year old healthy, fit woman. Actually, had my first  and only child at 42 with no intervention (not sure this all matters).

My periods were ALWAYS 28 days until around 45 years old and then 18-45 days apart. During this time, I do recall some hot flashes but no other symtoms and they were not a burden at all.

Now, fast forward...I have not had a period since January 2005 with no side effects (other than thinning of the vaginal walls which he gave me Vagifem 2x week). My gyno who is quite thorough did send me for an ultra sound to make sure there was no buildup (said it has been known to cause cancer) and luckily for me, there was none. That was approx. 4 months ago. He also took my blood and although can't locate results at the moment believe FSH to be around 58?? Not sure what other bloods you would require.

My questions (sorry if sounds ignorant but this is all new to me):

1.) So now that a year has gone by, am I in menapause? post menapause? peri?
2.) Can I expect symtoms to creep up or am I lucky that I have been ok over the last few years?
3.) I am not into pills, etc. so anything diest you would recommend?
4.) Does your skin tone change? I work out religiously and notice my thighs (and butt) are not what they sued to be even last summer ;(


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A. Menopause by definition occurs one year after your last period.  Since your FSH is 58, once you go one year without a period you are in menopause. If you aren
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Hi Dr:

I realized there were some typo's. I guess one of the questions was if there is any special diet, or homeopathic regimen that you would recommend...I don't do well with western medicine typically. But then again, I have no major complaints, I guess just in preparation or to keep symptoms at bay. Thank you!!
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Just a quick question. I'm turning 36 next month and have a facial hair problem for the last 6 years. My periods are very regular every 28 days. I was wondering if I am in early stages of menopause? My mother is 70 and my sister 40 both have no facial hair. If I am in the early stages of menopause, does this mean that my time for bearing children is limited?
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my wife is 50 years old and wants to know how long menapause lasts. she started when she was 48. thank you.
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Hi Doc

In September 2003 I had what I though was my last period, In August of 2004 it was found that I have urine fibroids and was given a shot to decrease them.  In May 2006 mothers day to be exact I started my period and am having severe cramps and heavy flowing.  
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