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prometrium for hot flashes

I am a breast cancer survivor for 8 years now; I have severe hot flashes; every 45 minutes day and night; it has totally affected my quality of life...and ability to sleep; I recently found out I could take this drug.  I am on 200 mg nightly; so far I have been waking up and had insomnia; will this get better and go away; I have only taken it for two nights; also how long does it take before one might notice their hot flashes have decrease?  My dr. said I might have to go up to 400 mg.  I also use an estrogen cream vaginally but it really never has helped the hot flashes just the tissue; I am hopeful this will improve my mood, decrease hot flashes and help me sleep; has it helped others?  How long do I wait before I see results?

thank you
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I took it for a couple of months and kept waiting for it to help my severe hot flashes.  It did not help me.  I am trying to find something else. Any help out there??? I tried taking Black Cohorsh also to no avail.  
So, apparently prometrium does not work for everyone.
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I have been on prometrium for 6 months and have found it has helped me sleep as well as with the hot flashes, I take 200mg before I go to bed.  The doctor suggested I try cutting it back to 100mg but the insomnia came back so I am back on the higher dose.  I now just get the odd night sweat and hardly any hot flashes during the day. It took about three weeks for it to work for me so it's probably worth sticking with.
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