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Can menapause make you feel real shaky in side.
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yes, I am in perimenopause and feel that way at times,  along with other symptoms.
Good luck, its not fun at all.
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no fun at all. I also have bad anxiety with permenause. I just feel like I'm going crazy.
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I am 44.  I have had the unfortunate luck of being in surgical menopause for the last 12 years.  It will make you feel faint, sweaty, nauseated, feel shaky, dizzy spells....insomnia has taken it's toll on me.  Even ambien doesn't work well anymore.  I only sleep 4 hrs if I am lucky.  So yes it's a rollercoaster ride that women take when we really don't want too!  I hope you feel better.  I just take a few minutes to myself and sit quietly when I feel shaky.  It makes you feel better just to take a few mins and sit it out.   Other than that not much you can do.  
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Thank-you for the reply.. I. Just feel so depressed with permenapause.
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Argh, the wretched and miserable state of peri and meno in general. Women go through this from as early as 30 and for as long as 60 - dear God what a nightmare right? I'm 48, have been in full meno (no period for 12 months) for 3.5 years now, and I can tell you I am one of the unlucky ones to get ALL the symptoms and 10-fold too! Its a scary, sick, fearful, anxiety ridden thing to live with and I know how genuinely depressed the whole mess can make you feel but... I have found a cocktail of supplement s(refuse HRT of any kind) exercise a TON and can, on most days, say I am managing it pretty OK. IT took over 2 years to get it this way, doctors know NOTHING about what we go through really, don't have any interest and only want to through you on antidepressants to remedy symptoms - don't do it! I have had to succumb to sleep aid and anxiety meds as I work 12 hours a day, single mom and have my adult kids back at home, so the stress was making the meno and lack of sleep a bit much to deal with. If you have to take anything, just take as little as possible and try, try, try to get a support system - I can refer you to a great place to interact with other women, just contact me directly. Good luck to you - it will get better, really.
please let me know how long it took until you can function. I can't work my mom has to take care of me. I am sick 5 months with internal shakes and insomnia .
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I am also most menopausal by my blood test. I have had anxiety disorder all my life and when the hormones (or lack thereof) hit it's was unreal. I am now unable to work as of 2 years ago when it started. I take paxil for my panic attacks but you are right. The doctors have no clue. My anxiety went sky high. I shake so bad sometimes I can hardly stand up. The doctors run tests and when everything checks out ok they say o it's just anxiety, calm down, relax, like if it was that easy I wouldn't be doing it. I get hot flashes but if I could just get rid of the shaking and actual teeth chattering sometimes I could deal with the rest. Also get short of breath but some is anxiety I'm sure. I don't even hardly ever leave my house anymore. Well, hope you and everyone feel better soon. Thanks, Steph
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Does anyone take medication for there anxiety?
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Hi gg, Yes I have taken meds for quite awhile for my anxiety. I take paxil for my panic attacks which works wonderfully and valium for breakthrough anxiety. Since I started taking the paxil I hardly ever take the valium tho I still have a lot of anxiety. I think I'm just used to it.
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yes, the worst is the anxiety, which I have never experienced before in my life. Will this go away after menopause. I pray it does.
I am trying to fight the anxiety with natural supplements. Some days it works quite well- other days it does NOT!
Hang in there ladies...
I will check out the website, I do feel like I am going off the deep some days.
But I keep telling myself "You will get thru this, you always have. Tomorrow will be a better day". And it usually is- thank goodness.
Take care
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