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slight osteoporosis: treat it or not?

Hi there,

I am writing regarding my mother who's sixty. She s in doubt whether taking osteoporosis medication or not.

She has been diagnostized with a slight (? borderline) osteoporosis after menopauses. Her density measures have remained +/- stable.

Her long time gynecologist has advised her not to treat.

But recently she has passed a check up with a generalist and he stresses her condition calls for treatment.

What I think is that the gynecologist, a well-known & wealthy med. does not need the extra bucks resulting from a closer follow-up while the new one is after every opportunity to make $$.

(Note that money is not an issue as my mother's medicare will cover the whole cost.)

Thanks for your insights

PS: sorry for the approximative english but I am not english educated

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if they are going to treat her with more oestrogen then dont do it. oesrogen will slow it but not stop it and increase the chances of getting certain cancers. tell your dear mother to read up about dr john lee and natural progesterone. they guarantee bone mass increase if there are no other underlying issues like body does not accept calcium properly. they did a test over 30 years and every woman had no bad side effects and all had bone mass increase.

its not a wonder drug its just all the pollutants in the world have in balanced your mothers hormone levels, does she have any of these other symptoms some she wont have being as these symptoms can range from 25 year old to 80+. and as i will mention again no side effects the creams are 20mg per day on average and a womans body when in 3rd trimestor makes 300mg so its compleatly safe when not preg women make 5-20 depending on time of month. also men can take it helps levels of testosterone and all the perks with that.

Increased Body Fat
Interference with Thyroid Hormone Activity
Lack of Energy
Salt and Fluid Retention
Blood Sugar Irregularities
Reduced Oxygen, all Cells
Decreased Libido (Sex Drive)
Loss of Zinc/Retention of Copper
Excessive Blood Clotting
Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
Reduced Vascular Tone
Increased Risk of Endometrial Cancer
Uterine Cramping
Restraint of Osteoclast Bone Building Function
Aging Acceleration
Dry Eyes/Dry or Coarse Skin
Allergies (Asthma, Rashes, Sinus etc)
Early Menstruation Onset
Fibrocystic Breasts
Breast Tenderness
Gallbladder Disease
Breast Swelling
Breast Tenderness
Hair Loss
Poor Hair Condition
Cervical dysplasia
Acute Headaches/Migraines
Cold Hands and Feet
Foggy Thinking
Cravings for Sweets/Candy
Increased Risk of Autoimmune Disorders
Irregular Periods
Panic Attacks
Polycystic Ovaries
Prostate Cancer
Joint Pain
Muscle Pain
Lethargy Weakness
Sluggish Metabolism
Unexplained Weight Gain Despite Dieting and Exercise
Loss of Esteem
Unexplained Anxiousness
Anxiety Attacks
Mood Swings
Slurred or Slow Speech
Magnesium Deficiency
Uterine Cancer
Uterine Fibroids
Premenopausal Bone Loss
Zinc Deficiency
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your mothers medicare will not cover natural progesterone as they can not patent it to make money as its bioidentical to what your body makes. but it is fairly cheap about £17 for 3 months supply. thousands of women like your mom have benefited from it so please google it or google dr john lee. im trying to help i do not sell it i just believe in it as have seen it work and use it myself and so does my wife. lets just say libido is great plus side to it
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