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vaginal discharge normal for menopause?

I am 52 years old and its been 8 months since my last period. I already went through the typical perimenopausal symptoms such as irregular periods, nightsweats, etc. I figure now this is menopause.
I have had a regular pap smear yearly and my next one is due in August. I also have yearly CA- 125 testing and vaginal ultrasounds because my mom had ovarian cancer.

The problem is this: for the past 6 months I have been having a weird discharge. Its not much but almost daily. I wear a tampon alot but by the end of the day there is just a small amount which yellowish-green in color. There is NO odor, NO itching, nothing cottage-cheese like. I have been tested for the typical STD's about a year ago because I had pain in my abdomen and those were negative. Only one partner.

I'm making a long story here but should I be worried or check this out. Is it because of menopause?
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It is difficult to say with certainty without an exam, but it sounds like your discharge might be due to menopause. When estrogen levels decline, the vaginal pH changes to more alkaline. The cells that line the vagina change in character too. This leads to different bacteria growning in the vagina and to a discharge called atrophic vaginitis. I'm assuming this is the case given the fact you've been tested for everything else. Your doctor should be able to make the diagnosis by checking the vaginal pH and by looking at the cells from the vagina under a microscope.

You can try to treat this with an over the counter vaginal moisturizer designed for this condition. It is called Replens. It is usually sold with the women's health products in most drug stores. Applying it daily for a week and then twice a week after that usually reversed the problem. Occasionally, after using it for a while, a very mild white discharge might be noticed. This is the Replens being shed along with the vaginal lining cells and is not an infection. It does not seem like you need to worry about this.
Machelle Seibel, MD
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