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Mid 20s Male with no interest in sex or dating at all

I'm a mid 20s guy and have no interest in sex what so ever.    I have been masturbating since i was 13 everyday sometimes up to 5 times a day in my later teens.  So that works for me, I would  rather just handle my own urges and not even deal with dating or sex.   I really have no interest in going out and meeting women or anyone for that matter.   There was a time period in high school where I did some what want to date and have sex, but even then I was hesitant and not interested enough to go for it.   Now I have zero interest and since I like being alone, don't see any reason to ever date.  I was just wondering if anyone else feels this way?
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   Just do not worry, realize that people are different, some are more self centered while others are highly socializing types. Since you are aware that you need to improve on social skills, all that you need to do is to cultivate it slowly. In the first place find out some good friends with whom you can open out and talk frankly. Slowly the friendship will grow into an intimacy which you would long for. What do you do most of the time being alone, do you spend more time in studies or in things of interest to you? Are you able to achieve more in life compared to your friends either academically or in other fields? Do you think you have some characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome ?
In any case, if you are not able to correct own your own, you could find a counselor who could help you in this regard.

Good luck,

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I have no interest in improving my social skills.   And like I said I don't want intimacy/relationship.  I don't have Aspergers just don't like Most people and only trust me.  
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Hi and welcome. Your ok, you just havent met your dream girl yet and when you do youll be weak in your knees and want to kiss her all over!
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Man to man, with experience in life, when you meet that special person you will be dumb founded with love and affection.  Also maybe you have low testostrone which would make you not want to go find her but even low testosterone would not be affected by that special person.
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How do I delete posts?
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I think you have to contact Medhelp to have posts deleted. I take it your question was not answered the way you wanted it to be? Are you wanting to know if there's anything wrong with how you feel, or if there are any other people out there that feel the same as you do?
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Yes was wondering if I anyone felt this way and why?
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and life360 hahaa funny but no none of that is anything like me.
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