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Penis glans disorders

I am 28yr old male.
  A month ago I had unprotected sex with a woman, who, I think
had yeast infection. I had that happen to me years ago, so when
I noticed itching, symptoms looked the same as last time I had this,so
I used the topical monistat - and it went away after a few days.

I had unprotected sex with a different partner 2 weeks ago and
I noticed that after the second time, almost right after - next day
I had red pimples all over my glans. They were quite pronounced, but
did not itch or burn. All are slightly raised.  The skin on glans was
also dry and scaly.  The condition went away for a few days of not having
sex, but had just recently came back. They are all generally in the same
places, maybe 20 or more.  More visible when not erect and the "pimples"
do not have feeling. Over the last few days we had "rough" sex a number of
times and the condition came back - again very visible and same area.
Please help identify what this is -I am going to a clinic tomorrow to get
tested for STDs.
Also - I am uncircumcized, and during our last few days it became
somewhat painful to have sex, due to my frenulum - when I looked at it closer,
it has developed a white sore-like spot on the frenulum itself which
hurts on touch and when pulling back the foreskin..

I am not sure if any of this has anything to do with each other, but I am
hoping that it comes from over-stressing the area and lack of friction.

Thank you
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