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Testicle pain: radiating to lower abdomen/upper leg

I'm 22 years of age and i have been experiencing the occasional dull aching pain in my right testicle. Recently the pain is a slightly worse, a shooting pain, which i wouldn't say was severe but definately more pain than discomfort. When i feel around there definately seems to be more 'tubing' around my right testicle, or it is more pronounced. The pain only really becomes apparent when im moving my position ie standing up or sitting/crouching down, when im in bed, aswell as when i press on the area. I have recently been to the Dr's around the same time i had a back pain and he said that it may simply be pain radiating from that, and that i should come back in a few weeks if its still there. He also said that my epididymus felt slightly 'turned', and i have no idea what that means. Any way im intending to go to the drs again soon because the back pain is now gone but these symptoms are only worsening. Before i go i just want some opinions because, well, it's playing on my mind really.

Thanks to any one who replies =]

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