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Tip of my pee hole hurts, after 2-3 times a day masterbation. Why ?

Hello, I'm 32 years old. I self please myself, 2-3 a day. I notice from time to time, I would have my tip of my pee hole hurts. It feels like, a light burning of the tip of my penis. I got tested for Chlamydia,Gonorrhea and for Urethritis. All of them came out negative. I only have one partner. Every now and then, when I masturbate 2-3 a day. I would have a burning feeling at the tip of my male pee hole. My bladder doesn't hurt, no complication of releasing urine, no blood in urine and no swelling. What can this be ?
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You're probably doing it too hard.  With that kind of frequency, why does it seem unusual you might be causing irritation?  It's sensitive down there.  But if you rubbed your finger that often and hard, it would probably get irritated, too.  You're not young anymore, things start to hurt when you age.  
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You have one partner.  You've been faithful.  I know we can't always completely trust our partners but you would have to get an std from somewhere.  You are masturbating a lot.  I would agree it is probably an outcome of this and irritation from the frequency and technique used.  Check in with your doctor if it continues.
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