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14 yr old son thinks he has a rare penis disease ?

My son approaced me saying that he feels he might have a penis disease. I asked him to be specific and he told me that he saw an article online about a mexican man who has a rare disease which caused his penis to grow to 19 inches long. I told him not to worry about it, but he has been insistent that his genital growth is abnormal. He's now telling me that he measured his flaccid length at almost 8 inches long and that it's getting to the point that he's struggling to maintain erections. I somehow doubt the story he read but is it possible he could be experiencing some kind of growth disorder?
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Sounds like a 14 year old messing with mom.  Ignore it. Some guys do measure themselves I guess. But maybe throw him into some activities to keep him less available for foolhardy free time.  He gets a regular check up every year?  They check the testicles and penis on those visits very briefly but enough to see if he has a RARE penis disease causing his penis to grow 19 inches.  Seriously, ignore it or threaten to take him to the emergency room to see his reaction.
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He might just be big for his age. Big penises need more blood and there are adults who have trouble getting hard over 8 inches. It doesn't sound like a disease.
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