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20 Years of Pain on My Right Side

I'll preface this with saying I don't ever ever leave the house. I have no money, either. But, I figure if someone has a tip, great. I don't care THAT much about my life.

I have pain on my right side, not in the front, or in the back. I can't describe it. I don't have any energy. I don't exercise, I do every wrong thing on earth.
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Hey dude, I'm sorry to hear it's so rough.  A doctor is out of the question?  Do you have any chronic illnesses or disabilities?  There has to be help out there.  How are you doing eating wise?  Getting enough nutrition?
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Thanks for replying. Yes, I'm completely agoraphobic. I have many mental and physical problems. I only eat at midnight, and its all frozen foods, because I'm single and don't want anything to expire. I don't exercise. Speaking of guitars, I can't play my acoustic or drums for even 2 minutes because of the headaches I get.
I really feel for you.  Do you mind me asking how old you are and if you have any family or anyone that looks in on you?  
So you must get groceries delivered? I do, too, because I seriously hate it. I'm single, too and seriously, they don't make foods in sizes for single people.

However, you can buy like 1 or 2 bananas, or a couple of apples, potatoes, etc., so that you can have some fresh food that won't go bad before you eat it. Do you take any vitamins? If you're only eating frozen foods, and only once a day, your headaches might be caused by nutritional deficiencies and hunger, or at least being made worse because of it. Are you staying hydrated?

Are there any options for home health care? You must qualify for services. I don't know how many will require you to go to them, though. :(
I'm almost 40, I don't eat anything except frozen pizzas. I don't have any family or friends to help. I don't drink much of anything, because I pee about 15-20 times a day.
But you must get your frozen pizzas delivered to you somehow, right? How are you paying for them? I mean, there are frozen meals that are better for you than frozen pizza.

They have telemedicine, and apps that you can talk to doctors now. Call a Medicare office and just see if they can help. It can't hurt.
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There are numerous causes of right-sided abdominal pain, including but not limited to liver infection/inflammation (hepatitis), gallstones (cholelithiasis) or gallbladder infection/inflammation (cholecystitis), kidney stones (nephrolithiasis) or kidney infection/inflammation (pyelonephritis), bowel infection/inflammation (enteritis, colitis, or appendicitis), hernias, or cancer. Given your poor eating habits, you may have gas and/or indigestion. This symptom checker from familydoctor.org can help narrow down the possibilities: https://familydoctor.org/symptom/abdominal-pain-stomach-pain-long-term/. However, you should still see a doctor who can take a detailed clinical history, perform a physical exam, and order any necessary lab and/or imaging tests. Furthermore, you should see a psychiatrist for your agoraphobia and other mental issues. If you have no money, apply for Medicaid or seek out free clinics in your area.
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I really agree with Medicaid.  This could be really helpful to you.  Even a meal delivery service could be included in your services.  But you have to get on their radar.  How do you pay your rent and such?
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