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21 Years old and having trouble getting erections...

I'm 21 and i'm having trouble getting erections. I don't always wake up with "morning wood", maybe only a third of the time. Up until recently I used to excessively watch pornography. Could this be causing it? At this age I should be able to achieve erections easily and just can't understand why I'm not getting them. I also have an odd way of masturbating/ejaculating. I do it while flaccid. Just rubbing the head of the penis with my thumb. Could this be harming me?

Could this be ED? It always seemed like a old guys issue.
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Yes it is. Your artificially have sex...by yourself or watching other people have sex. Drop porn and masturbation alltogether. This will strengthen back your testosterone over time and bring you back to normal seeking a better life and real women.
Thanks. Masturbating/ejaculating flaccid: Is it uncommon? I've had phimosis (can't pull back the foreskin over the glans of the penis) so masturbating fully erect the regular way was painful so I had to improvise. Did this end up harming me? Did I kind of "train" my brain that I can be aroused while flaccid?
Porn and masturbation are normal. Yes, excess can be a problem, but don't give either up. Use in moderation
Check your facts.  If overdone, some men then can't get erections without that stimulation. Most guys would rather be with a REAL person than just have to get themselves off.  So, if the guy hopes to have a sex life, he will have to lay off all that to get back on track.
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I've read about this.  So, yes.  You've trained your body/brain to ejaculate when flaccid and you have to untrain it.  Are you uncircumcised?  That's usually the case when a dude does this.  You need to give up masturbating completely for a while.  And when you go back, don't give in and masturbate in that same way.  The issue is that when you are with a woman this won't work.  And I assume you'd like a regular sex life at some point. So, cold turkey to readjust and don't continue this when you resume down the road.
Yes, I'm uncircumcised. Is that the solution? Just give up masturbating and the brain will automatically readjust? I have phimosis (can't pull the foreskin over the head of the penis) so I had to use a different way of masturbating. I'm scheduled for an adult circumcision at the urologist in several months.
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Do NOT listen to the person who said give up masturbation all together, it's healthy and normal. You do seem to be having issues though, so a break to rewire your brain might be good.
The reason to give it up isn't because it's not healthy and normal but to because if it is causing a man to not be able to get erect with their partner due to that direct stimulation by themselves------  it's the best temporary course of action to get back on track. Check your facts on that---  but that advice is exactly what someone should try.  
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If you have painful erections, because of phimosis,  go to the doctor.  You probably need a circumcision or part of your foreskin removed.  I don’t think it’s healthy to ejaculate while suppressing an erection.
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