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8 yrs & still my doctors don't know what's causing my strong meat-like urine smell

Hi, guys, I'm a 30yo male 5'11 150lbs. I've been referred to multiple specialists all have nothing conclusive to say because the tests are all normal. Kidney markers normal except for slight protein amount above reference range which the specialists (urologist, neurologist, internist) all said are not high enough to be considered a disease like FSGS. My urine is also always foamy/frothy. No STDs no HIV no Hepatitis.

When I googled, it's usually female patients who were told it is hormonal. I don't know for men :(

I don't take Folic Acid. I only take Vit C, D3, Magnesium Citrate, occasionally Zinc/Copper.

I took DHEA and Acetyl-L-Carnitine awhile ago around when it first started. I believe I went Keto when I was on Carnitine and remembered it felt painful on my lower right flank when had it and my urine then showed a foamy and a slick oily surface appearance to it

My food intake and nutrition have been the same. I am actually losing muscle mass.

Could I have hormonal imbalance? My doctors would not test for my hormone levels because they said I am too young.

This year the smell and frothiness just got worsened and it's starting to smell exactly like the roast chicken from Costco every single day, yet I only had it once awhile ago.
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There is no way anyone could answer this "question". You do not give any symptoms or complaints.
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Dr. Rynne:
My main symptoms are severe burning pain in all my muscles, including the back of my mouth. Had various nerve tests, ALS was ruled out. I'm losing muscle in my hands, nose, face, feet, everywhere. My ear canals have dilated. Burning eyes. Was Rx'd with Nortriptyline but it's still going on. My fingers have now bent and rotated. Palms are narrowing, very atrophied.

Is this Lyme? Ruled out HIV, blood tests (not urine) for Chlamydia, Syphillis, Hep A/B/C. All negative.
serum Creatinine is declining.
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I don't eat abnormal amounts of protein either and I've been losing muscle mass actually
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