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A shameful situation at best

Ok, since I was a teenager I had sexual problems, I am 23 now. When I would try to have sex with my girlfriend I simply could not get aroused, and I eventually lost her for it. This happened with other girls as well. Out of shame and despiration, I started doing penis exercises, thinking maybe it would give me some sort of boost or edge. Probably about a month or so into it, give or take a little, with no certain point of injury or severe pain, I noticed that my penis had gotten much smaller in its flaccid state. It was constantly shriveled, contracted, and locked up. I have lost 1 1/2 inches off of my erect penis, and I am not sure how much off the flaccid. This was 5 1/2 years ago and it has not improved. I is extremely uncomfortable, and has gave me a bombardment of depression and panic attacks. It doesn't even feel right to walk anymore. The whole lower half of my body feels numb, uncoordinated, and very stiff. I do have a double disc herniation in the lumbar region of my spine, thet compresses both L4 and L5 nerve roots that is known to cause muscle spazms. I do not know if the two are connected, but it is a possibility. My back pain itself only started about 7 months ago, but I have had trouble bending from the beginning. PLEASE if anyone has any information, or if you have any questions please reply I really need your help. THANKS
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