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Adult Circumcision Problem

Two and a half weeks ago I had a circumcision due to a severe case of phimosis. I'm in recovery and I had done a large amount of research before the surgery and have seen many pictures of the recovery stage of a penis and fully recovered after circumcision. The problem I am having now is that my penis doesnt look like the pictures I've seen at all. The head of my penis is exposed but to see the stitches and where the foreskin was cut I have to pullback the skin of my penis. Also, when I'm erect the line where the incision was made still doesn't show itself, it's basically under the skin of my penis. I try to reveal it by pulling back on it but it causes extreme pain and feels like it won't budge no matter how hard I try. Could this be because I still have some swelling? Will my penis look like a normal circumcumcised penis once healed? Someone please help me I've gone to the internet and no one has ever seemed to have had this issue.
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I’m in my 30’s and was considering  circumcision. Is it that bad? Worth it?
Why would you? Some of us didn't have a choice when when we were born. Your lucky considering you have the choice as an adult to decide now. I'll tell you what, since you don't seem to care too much about your foreskin how about I give you 20 buck to cut that off of you and then have it transplanted onto to me and then you tell me if it was worth your self loathing or dough.
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Anyone? Advice?
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Give yourself some time to heal and stop messing with it. You just underwent a surgical procedure to the most sensitive part of you body. You say it was a case of severe phimosis but I would have stretched the hell out of that skin before I ever let a physician put a scalpel to it.
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