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Anal wounds, what to do about them?

I've been having open wounds around my rectum for about two years now. I don't recall how they started occuring. But I do know that they're very painfull and annoying.

I never had sexual intercourse, so they can't possibly be an STD (also my doctor analysed a bloodsample of myself for any abnormalities when I had 40°C fever).

The thing is, when the wounds start healing, they form a crest (don't know how to call it in English) and I always have the urge to scratch it off again. Almost my entire area around my anus is filled with these little wounds and they won't go away :(

Working a fulltime daily job doesn't help the problem either, because when I work hard it gets all sweaty down there, and the wounds start itching like mad.

The problem is I don't want to go to a doctor with it. Nobody knows about it, not even my mother.

Is there any kind of cream or salve I can apply that will graduatly remove the wounds?

P.S.: If it matter's I'm 22 years old

Thanks in advance :x
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