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Annoying Frequent Urination

  Hello everyone, I'm a 19yr old male. I'm new to this community and I have a problem for like 4 years now (it started soon as I turned 15) and after all the help I looked for, nothing helped. So, as I said in the title, my problem is this annoying frequent urination.
   What makes it annoying: the combination with "shy kidneys" (can't go if people are around the bathroom), anxiety, sometimes stabbing pain (9/10 in severity, like it usually stops my breathing) and the most annoying part it happens in public. It does happen at home as well and just as often but it doesn't bother me since I'm home.
    Ok, so the reasons I think that might cause this: 1. I started to drink soda drinks since I was 3yrs old and in large quantities, usually Coke/Pepsi/ and recently Energy Drinks. 2. Excesive masturbation since the age of 11 (like 3 times a day but reduced the amount to like 2 per week when I was like 16yrs old). 3. Stress in situations where it would be awkward to go to the toilet (especially in an often manner) or where you can't go at all.
    What I tried before to stop this problem (but only had short results or none): teas (sometimes it helped, but I think it was mostly placebo); no-masturbation (it helps for a short period of time, but after a few days the problem reappears and after it does, most of the times, masturbation helped to reduce the frequency); sex also helped in 70% of the times;
    Yes I visited a fair amount of urologists, but none of them found any effective way to cure this or an exact diagnose.
    Diagnoses: UTI (took the treatment strictly, didn't work); Kidney sand(? - don't know for sure if thats the English term, but you get the idea); the treatment for it helped for a while but still no permanent effect and can't remember what I took either); psychological induced problem (which is only 30% accurate since I also have this problem at home where I don't even bother realizing nor remembering when I go; also have pains).
    And finally, symptoms: frequent urination (no night urination, even if I feel that my bladder is full, if I fall asleep I won't wake up until I'm supposed to); sometimes pain when I urinate (from mild to severe burning pain); shakes, nausea, cold body temperature and my face gets pale (but I guess those are caused by the Anxiety attacks cause they happen only when I'm in public and can't normally go); mild to severe kidney pains, usually severe as I said before, it stops my breathing.
    Oh and also, I did an STD test and it came out negative (its normal since I use protection) but I don't think its relevant since the problem occurred before my first sexual act.
     Please, if someone know any solution to this problem tell me, I don't know what else to do and its ruining my life...
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Quite a comprehensive information on urinary frequency and urinary emergency. Usually it takes almost six months' drug treatment and that too the cure is not guaranteed.Besides drugs give lot of side effects like dry mouth. Many a time a patient prefer urinary problem rather than side effect. I did try some exercises also. I am 83 and now lost all hopes of recovery. I have heard such complains from few acquaintances. If you have any other suggestion, please do share in this thread.
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You need to cut down your intake of caffeinated and fizzy drinks.  These are diuretic and will make you want to urinate more.

Still make sure that you drink plenty of water.  2 litres of water a day is usually recommended, more if you sweat a lot.

Frequent urination can sometimes be caused by bladder and kidney infections and having a burning sensation when you urinate, is usually a sure sign that you have a urinary infection.

Pain in the kidneys with the burning sensations of urinating and frequently urination needs to be investigated for infections and kidney stones.

If the prostate gland is enlarged this can put pressure on the bladder causing sensations to urinate, but difficulty with urination.

Having high sugar levels in your blood stream if you are glucose intolerant or have diabetes can also cause frequent urination.

Feeling anxious can also make you want to urinate more often and sometimes have the urge to go with nothing in the bladder.

If you have not been checked out by your doctor recently, then you need to book an appointment to see him to get our urine examined for any infections.  A blood test to check your kidney function and imaging (ultrasound scan) of our kidneys and bladder to see if there are any cysts and kidney stones.
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I am facing the problem of excessive urination in the day as well as night. I am 83. Normally I had to go for urination for more time because excessive amount of tea at a day time and beer or drink in the evening. This resulted in excessive urination. Urinary bladder and prostate is okay. still the problem persists.  I am trying kegel exercise , Double void( waiting for second urination.. Wait for one or two minutes extra for second urination. This teaches the bladder to become empty. For kegel, Google kegel exercises. read few websites to get compllete d details. Anxiety is also  a reason for this disorder.
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