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Anxiety Attacks

I am a 19 year old male who is overweight, but has not had ANY previous problems prior to a month ago. I have been to the hospital only for sports physicals, and even though i am roughly 260 lbs 5'11, I have NEVER been considered obese, given that I am healthy. I am NEVER sick, maybe once a year at most, and never have had problems before this. One night i experience body numbness in one side of my body, and also palpations. I also had paranoia to where I thought my face was drooping, and I also felt a burning sensation in my neck. I went to the hospital because I thought I was having a stroke, and they had later discharged me. The following Tuesday I went home from work at 4:00 AM and started getting palpations again and slight pain in my stomach and thought I was having a heart attack. I would not sleep until 11:00AM and would only get 2 hours. I would go to work at night, and go to the hospital in the morning. They then after viewing my past history and checking my vitals and reflexes had concluded I was suffering from panic attacks. Thursday of that week i would see a nurse practioner who gave me questions associated with anxiety/depression and said that I have high numbers in the anxiety category. she gave me blood tests for anemia, thyroid, diabetes, and hepatitis C, and checked my blood for any damage to my vitals. I would then get my test results the following tuesday, where she said absolutely everything was negative and that I was considered very healthy in regards to the tests. She prescribed me with Prozac, but from hearing from friends I would not take them for two weeks. I quit drinking and soon to be chewing tobacco, and would then have more epsidoes, primarily at night when I was alone. I would once more go to the hospital after experiencing chest pains for two days, where they would give me an ekg. The ekg came up as actually fantasic and they also concluded that I was suffering from anxiety. I then started taking the medicine. It has been a month, and I have not had any episodes since. The only time I do have epsiodes is when I smoke profusely. I also have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week and eating less, mainly because my appetite has decresed. Everything is fine, except the one thing im worried about is that my body has lost much sensitivity. It isn't necessarily numb, but I can't feel nearly as much as I had a month before. Varying on the day, at night I would have one side get numb and the other somewhat back to normal, but I never worry about it and am able to sleep. But other than that, my body as a whole is less sensitive, and I dont feel nearly as much. I have NEVER experienced anything prior to all of this a month before, and am only worried in a sense that it could be something more serious, but it has been almost 2 months from the time of the first episode, and nothing has ever happened other than these symptoms. I have never experienced any serious pain or any sort of discomfort, but I still have less body sensitivity, even including my face. If anyone knows if this can still be from anxiety/panic attacks or soemthing more serious please tell me
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