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Anxiety or HIV
I am A 27 yr old strait male thats nervous of having HIV or something else. I feel fatigue alot I have real bad sinus and head pressure problems and sometimes feel dizzy and nucious  I get short of breath when I work out with chest pain when ever I excersize or have sex, I have gone threw numerous heart tests, all of which have came back normal and I have also been told that I have Anxiety, Which really sucks because I have no idea if something is really wrong  or if Im just anxious
NOW  I Have had a small lump under my ear between my Jaw and neck.for a few weeks. My neck and shoulders have got  increasingly  sore and stiffer. Feels as though I need a good massage because my muscles are sore. Im not sure if Im sleeping wrong or did something working out. Which I do 3 days a week. I have not worked out for two weeks and the problem is still there. Every once in awhile I get this shooting pain in the back of neck where my head meets. I Rub my neck constintly now and have noticed small lumps almost feel like m & M's 3 of them. One under the ear left side and where my neck and shoulder meet on the right and in the middle on the left. So now Im thimking my lymph nodes are swollen, even though I have no idea where lymph nodes are.
Anyways I went to the doctor who asked me to get a complete metabolic blood test . I have no idea what this test details. But the doctor did feel the lump and the test came back no infections and levels are all fine,
My Questions are would HIV or Cancer be detected from a complete metobolic blood work up?
If my Lymph nodes where swollen from HIV would they be small and cause muscle disscomfort or would I know if they where swollen from this. Ive read somewhere if lymph nodes swell from HIV you can see them and you would know it. Not like what I have not visable and small.
My only HIV exsposure was about a yr and a half ago with a strait woman when the condom broke so I know this is very rare but Now its why I think Im having neck problems.
The muscle that gos from the back of your neck into your skull what is this and why does this give me shooting pain in my head.If this is all Muscular how can I know? what should I do? And how long can sore muscles last in my neck?  
Any suggestions would be nice I think my neck problems could be causing my headaches and sinus problems at least iyt feels that way/  
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Anxiety attacks...Very common try not to think about it.
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