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Any clue?

Is there any explanation as to why sperm when ejaculated is whitish and then turns yellow when it dries out on cloth or tissue? Should us men be concerned about this at all? Does urine play a role in this? No symptoms  Just a curious about this
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No, this isn't any reason to be concerned. Lots of things happen when any fluid is exposed to air, is on a tissue or cloth, mixes with whatever is on the cloth or tissue, etc.

As long as it's not yellow when it leaves your body, you're fine.
Thank you auntiejessi for your reply. I would just like to add a follow up question. I would like to ask for your opinion about morning secretions of males cause you said as long as it’s not yellow then the case is fine but I seem to recall some of my friends say that they sometimes have yellow-tinged secretions in the morning, is that really normal for men? I joked around and said maybe you guys got some sickness and but they said they dont feel any pain
I forgot to mention that they mentioned it happens only in the morning and then after it is gone their secretions turn clear or soemthing like that
I can't speak to what your friends are experiencing. Yellow generally means infection. Clear or white is normal. You can have an infection without pain.

Perhaps they mean their urine? It's normal for that to me more concentrated, and more yellow, in the morning.
I would have to ask, how many friends do you have who not only have "secretions" in the AM but talk about it?  I'm a guy and I've been around a long while, and I've never had such a thing nor have I ever talked to anyone about such a thing or had anyone talk to me about such a thing.  Very old men sometimes have bladder problems, as do many older women, but you sound like a young man.  I also don't know about sperm turning yellow after a while on a cloth.  When it stains the bedsheets, which is when I've mostly seen it in an "aged" state, it's just a stain that looks like water but might be sticky.  As said, anything exposed to the air will oxidize, and turn color as it does.  Everything oxidizes at a different rate of speed.  Young men, and I'm talking teenagers at the peak of their hormones starting to rage, will often wake up with a wet dream.  It happens less as you get older until it stops for most of us, but having a wet dream always woke me up because it caused an orgasm, thus the sperm.  If you and your friends are leaking every morning, I don't really understand that, as yellow would be the color of urine.  The yellower it is usually comes after taking vitamins or eating, as certain nutrients are very yellow when you urinate them out.  The less nutrients that come out, the clearer the urine is.  But if you have a bunch of friends who are waking up with urine leaking out, that doesn't sound at all normal to me for young folks.  So again, I am confused.
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