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Are my testicles responsible for my problems?

I am only 22 years old and having my life as hell.
I just got my ultrasounds of testicles and got to know that my balls are only 12 ml and 11 ml only, missing the average size of 15-25 ml. Adding to worse, my testosterone are on low scale as well, about 350 ng/dL. I did my fertility test which came out to be normal.
Can my small balls be responsible for low testosterone levels in me? My pitutory is working fine with LH, FSH levels in range. What could be possibly my problem? Is TRT only option for me? Anyone been through this experience or know anything about it is welcomed to comment.

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If your fertility tests came out normal, why does it matter what size they are?  Or are you saying you think the smallish size is causing a lesser amount of testosterone and  that is causing some further problem, like no body hair or a high voice?  From a woman's point of view, if you're a functional male (and you sound like you are, with normal pituitary, LH, FSH, and fertility test), just the size of the testes does not matter much.  But if you are seeing other issues related to low hormones, by all means talk to your doctor.
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Hi Annie
Yes, that's what I am saying. That my small testicles are causing my low t levels. You see it's below average. My sperm test were absolutely fine with 152 million sperms (39 million being considered normal)
I've got full beard and I am quite hairy but not very muscular. The only thing that concerns me is low testosterones and below than average size of testicles and penis ( 13 cms)
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Talk to the doctor.  He will be able to tell you if this is a real problem compared to other men (after all, muscles don't just appear, you have to work out and build them, whether you have a ton of testosterone or not) or just excessive self-consciousness.  If you never knew your testosterone level or how your testicle size related to the average, you would probably go through life just fine.  Sometimes comparing oneself to others gets obsessive and blocks us from happiness.
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