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Bad Taste

Ok, so i do oral sex on my boyfriend and each time i do it he always cums. Now the problem is that the taste is really bad kinda like bleach maybe even clorine, and i dont wanna just come out and say that it tastes horrible i mean i dont wanna sound rude or anything...is there anything that will make it taste somewhat ok? i know sweet stuff like fruits can help, but he doenst eat fruit at all!! thanks!!!
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yea the tissue thing is werid...lol...but ok so that i can do that when we are at his house, have him u *** on me instead...but problem is he lives with his father right now, and doesnt have his own room right now...so alot of times i have done it to him in his car and its gonna be messy if i finish him off with my hand. we only go to his house on saturday's [he works sunday, monday, thursday and friday] when his dad is not home and during the week when i see him i do it in the car...i mean i guess i could live with the taste, im normally use to it being way salty [TMI!!! sorry] oh wells
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Well, it does taste/smell like bleach.  Bleachy snot.

I would use a little white lie tactic.  Tell him what drives you wild is to catch it neatly in Kleenex.  That its just a fetish of yours, Kleenex.  

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Ok, the kleenex etish is the strangest thing i have ever heard. lol. Odd. But anyways. You dont necessarily have to tell him that it tastes terrible. And based on what I have heard from women, Im sure it does taste bad. When your giving him oral, if he gets close to "finishing," then just finish him off with your hand. it can be really hot for a guy if he cums on you instead of in you. Aim it at your body and have him go on you. Just a thought. And Ive also heard that a good diet can improve the taste.
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Here's a novel approach:  Talk to him as an adult (of course, I'm assuming that you are), and simply tell him you'd rather he not ejaculate in your mouth.  

End of problem.  Have a tissue ready for him to ejaculate into.  Or a hankerchief.  Or a sock.  (just kidding on the last one).

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thanks anyways, ill live with it. and btw i am an adult [20, about to be 21 next month]
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i envy your bf.  not all women could take the *** inside their mouth.  you really want to please him enough!!!

wow, is there anybody else like you?  i salute you!!!

you are a rare gem my girl...(hehehehe)
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haha really?!?! there has got to be other girls out there like me!! lol

wow...lol anyways about the taste...im ok with it. last night i didnt get teary eyed, he came i swallowed  he was happy i was horny...lol sorry TMI i know!!!!!!!!!!
thanx for the salute!!!!!!!!!!!! =]

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Pineapple is supposed to help immensely with this problem--maybe you can get him to eat some or drink a smoothie.  And God bless you for being so generous with him!
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