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I have been having issues recently with my penis I am not circumcised I have foreskin and I have heavy accumulation of the sperm during nights and was quite smelly in the mornings I am sexually active and thought it was STI but I shared the pictures to a doctor who told it looks like balanitis and asked me to use a candid b cream and it gave results I used it for some time and was ok recently I am in a month of abstinence and hence not even masturbating and in nights having similar issue causing redness I. Foreskin and base of penis again I applied candid b cream and it subsided within hours is this a chronic condition is there anything else I can do to avoid this or is this some other condition which needs further testing or investigation ?
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It may not be sperm that's accumulating, but smegma, which is something different.

Candid B cream is an anti-fungal cream, and if your symptoms are responding to it, it means that your symptoms are being caused by a fungus, like yeast, jock itch, or another fungus. This is VERY common.

How's your hygiene? Keep the area clean and dry - don't overdo it, though. Lots of experts recommend not using soap, as that can be very drying, but a cleanser or emollient. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/balanitis/

Balanitis can recur, especially if caused by a fungal infection. How long did you use the cream? A lot of experts recommend using it for at least a week, if not two, after symptoms have cleared to ensure that it's fully cured.

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When you say you showed a picture of it to a doctor, did you ever have a doctor look at it directly?  That is usually better than a picture. If what they told you to do to cure it hasn't after following directions, I'd go back to the doctor to establish a more accurate diagnosis.
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I have the same problem you should see dermatologist it could be some kind of skin condition..
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Hey Garry, did you get to the doctor for your symptoms yet?  
I already been to doctor and he suggested me steroid cream.. after using it for a month that was gone but came back after couple of weeks.. lots of people have same problem some of them have this from 6 years and so long I don’t think so it’s related to any of the sti. But you can consult your doctor again ..
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