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Balanitis? Or worse?

Okay so roughly a month and a half ago I got really bad chub rub at the beach which then got infected when I got in a hot tub. In the hot tub me and a girl had it going and insertion took place but I immediately stopped it due to no protection. Within 3 days a bad rash had appeared all around my groin area which a doctor said was hot tub folliculitis. Not thinking when in the shower I used the wash rag from my groin onto the glans. Within about 2 days after a rash had appeared on the glans. This rash progressed a little and a couple bumps appeared so I went back to the doctor. He then said that the rash around my groin is actually jock itch and that I had gotten balanitis on my glans. He prescribed me fluconazole 150mg for three days and a ketoconazole cream to use for two weeks. The jock itch has gone away but the balanitis has majorly improved but I still get red rashes on it (no bumbs) throughout the day and it seems to worsen when I do not use the cream. I am uncircumcised and was STD tested but I do not think they checked for herpes. The girl I was with swears up and down she is clean. It does not itch, hurt to pee, or any pain at all. Im getting irritated with it and have been trying multiple home remedies as well but to no avail... Any help is appreciated.
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