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Blister on penis

Hi,  I have what may be a blister on the head of my penis... i cant tell if there is fluid in it, but if there is its very little, it looks like an area that is lighter than the rest of the head.  My doc said it didn't look at all like herpes and that if it was a blister it would hurt at least a bit...  anyway, my question is, does anyone know if blisters or discolorations like this can be caused by something non-std related?

I have 2 months to wait for herpes tests and i need the possibility of another cause to hold on to until then as I am very stressed.

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Without meaning to sound obvious, blisters can form as a result of excessive friction.... that could be caused by heroic ammounts of masturbation... but more likely your penis is rubbing against your trousers. If you're active and fit and also circumcised, this could well be a possibility. Don;t rule out an STD cause, but it could also be rubbing.
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well is on the head hear the tip so i rule out masturbation, but i am not circumsized but have been inspecting my penis out of worry recently quite a lot... I wonder ig having my foreskin rolled back so much and then putting my penis back in my pants could have caused it... thats possible i think, no?  thanks.
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