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Blown Superfical Dorsal Vein...Help

I blew my superficial dorsal vein on top left of my penis.. I did it injecting drugs into my ****, more on that later. My question is i got small clot about size of pea at first, didnt hurt. About 2 hrs later its now about size of quarter red swolen, few more hours basiclly same size but now turning black and blue. Very little pains tried get erection once to see if my **** was broke only got 1/3 erection but i didnt press the matter and just the sight of it was making me nervous hence lack of erection. (I think) Next morning (now) basiclly same size on the clot, only change in color darker of course lol. Doesnt hurt when touched or anything but me left testicle since this morning hurts a bit not much. This is only my second time doing this im 30/W I did it for the old lady first time. I did it I lasted longer felt like nothing in this world and semen came out slow like lava instead of my usual 12 gauge shot gun lol. I know its stupid but hay such is life I never will again, but im worried about clots, heal time, treatment without hospital ( Can u say embarrassing. Lol) et cetera. I came to conclusion its superfica dorsal vein by research, diagrams, et cetera. Does this sound right if so what should I do. Or am i wrong and this sounds like something else? Thank you for time and consideration on this, you guys and this site rock!

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Update I think the mild testicle pain i stated is actually my groun area actually, under my penis left side between testicles and penis. Also I said clot doesnt hurt when touched(Gently of course) thats true but being that I have clot near front of penis on left side, my penis has been getting a little dull ache, due to the clot? Ohh and I can still see the dorsal vein i was using further down my shaft so i didnt totally kill it! Adding this cause i need best diagnosis, I can get.. Thank you so much guys.

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