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Bodybuilding supplements


About 4/5 years ago I started using testosterone booster to help with my gains in the gym and to mainly boost up my lobido even more. This partially worked as my lobido really improved how ever this one without other side affects of short temper getting irritated and angry all the time/ depression. But despite that I felt really alive and had allot of ambition, more of a man

This process went at least twice a year where I would use test boosters for a few months and having to go off them because of the depression etc.

A friend of mind a while back introduced me to some other products which he though to believe it had worked. And to be honest it did. I felt really confident, assertive and full ambition but only after a few more months the depression got even worse./ slash anger.  this was last year.

I figured the best way to beat how I was feeling was to stop everything all together, throw out all my supplements and just let my normal hormonal balance get to its right level and that supplementing was stupid idea as the risks and side effects where allot higher.

I stopped middle of last year thinking that my severe depression and anxiety/ would disappear. But until now nothing's has changed and I feel like that I can't get on with another day and my symptoms are just way too strong that's it taking over my life.  Even the colour of my face has changed and gotten allot darker than it used to be.

During this off period I have visited two gp's at  two separate times and they both have have tested and told me my testosterone levels are normal/ high. ( 6 months or so apart )

But despite of this my testicles have never been smaller, my sex drive has never been lower, my depression/ short temper and anxiety has never been higher. I feel like everyday is torturous and too painful. I have lost all my social life and just want to sit at home and just lock my self as much as I can.  I can't focus anymore and can't have a decent conversation with ought getting angry for no reason what so ever.

Even though it is so hard to get motivated My diet is perfect. My weight training is perfect also.

I don't see what the problem is.....

I believe it is testicular atrophy or high estrogen as my chest region and my nipples area really puffy than what they used.

On very few occasions my testicles get little larger and fuller I automatically feel allot happier and more my self again. This happens rarely and quickly disappears. Facial hair even seems thinner.

Morning erections don't occur anymore.  If I do abstained from ejaculation for over 14 days then it slightly improves for me a little.... But that's with the support of heavy weight training.

Most of the time my testicles hurt a little and itch and not in a a more painful way.

Obviously I'm not a professional or anything

But I really want to get this fixed.
Not sure how long I can last like this....

Any help or similar experiences is more than welcome.

Different foods change in personality

And ever since the boosters my facial hair has gotten allot thinner.  

I also don't crave the same foods as I used to.

A sense of constant fatigue and feeling tired. Like all the time.

Feel free to private message similar experiences or any tips if it's easier for you.

Any help is much appreciated


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Have you tried the postage stamp test (to confirm the absence of overnight erections) over say, a one or two week period?  

I congratulate you on dropping out of questionable supplements and wish you success in getting your physical/emotional life back on track.
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Thanks so much for the kind words. I hope I can fix this.

I have never heard of that test. But I am so excited to try it out and see what the results are.

Thanks so much for your help and I will keep you posted as to my progress.
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Testosterone helps your body maintain muscle mass, bone density, optimal lipid profiles and levels of red blood cells, and can impart a general sense of vigor and youthfulness.
testosterone therapy may increase your risk of dying from a sudden stroke or heart attack. The study in question does have limitations however, and more research is likely needed before any definitive conclusions can be drawn.

There’s almost always going to be a significant difference between taking a synthetic hormone versus encouraging your body to produce more of a hormone naturally. I personally do not believe the risks are in any way comparable between these two strategies.

low testosterone is not an automatic outcome of aging, provided you incorporate certain lifestyle strategies that can naturally boost your testosterone levels.

lifestyle strategies such as exercise and diet will not be as likely to have negative impacts on your heart or longevity.
A healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk of most chronic disease, including heart and cardiovascular disease.

According to the Endocrine Society, which is responsible for setting the clinical guidelines for
testosterone replacement therapy, testosterone should only be given to men with persistent symptoms
and “unequivocally low testosterone levels,” a condition known as hypogonadism. To determine this,
you have to actually test your testosterone level, which is done with a blood test.

Testosterone Therapy May Increase Mortality,
The study, published in JAMA, noted that “a recent randomized clinical trial of testosterone therapy in men with a high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases was stopped prematurely due to
adverse cardiovascular events.” To further assess this potential link between testosterone therapy and heart attack, stroke and all-cause mortality, the researchers looked at more than 8700 men who
underwent a coronary angiography (a test that checks for blocked arteries). They wanted to determine whether having underlying coronary artery disease might modify the outcome in men taking testosterone.

High intensity interval training will help boost your testosterone- and HGH levels.

Focus on your lower body.
Lower body exercises provide a healthy flow of these powerful hormones in a way that upper body lifts won’t.
Focus on power.
Make sure you’re focusing on power when you’re trying to add size. Mix up your reps and sets to cover both high and low rep counts, but be sure to add power sets in there with lower reps and higher weight reps of 6 or lower.
Here are four exercises that’ll give a boost to your testosterone and HGH levels:
This exercise needs to be in your workout routine if you’re trying to gain lean mass. Not only do deadlifts help build size but also functional strength. If you’re an athlete looking to boost your vertical and power, add some deadlifts into your routine.
Form: Keep the bar close to your body. The bar should be travelling in a straight line vertically.
Focus on lifting with your legs, get low and don’t let your knees, chest, or face lean forward beyond your toes.

Squats, much like deadlifts, will help you increase your overall size by naturally boosting your
testosterone and HGH levels. Practice squats as getting the proper form down takes time.
Form: No part of your body should lean forward past your toes.
I prefer a low bar position on my back, but place the bar wherever it’s most comfortable, as long as it’s not on the two vertebrae that stick out on your lower neck/upper back.
Make sure your lift with a full range of motion from day one. Get at or below 90 degrees.

Olympic Lifts
These ultimate explosive exercises. Not just cleans and snatch but their many variations as well, they are true power movements. Make sure to start with a light weight and focus on form, as your form
begins to improve, begin adding weight.
Form: For both lifts, the lift begins with your legs. Get low and explode.
Deadlifts, front squats, upright row and push press are exercises that’ll help you improve your form for Olympic lifts.

Testosterone Killers: Processed Foods, Lack of Sleep, Sedentary Lifestyle, Alcoholic & Sodas, Most Testosterone Boosting
Supplements!  Supplement companies have been conning men for decades. Muscle and fitness type magazines love to showcase the latest miracle compound for men. They show a glossy picture of a bodybuilder surrounded by attractive women, and advertise themselves as a magic cure-all for male health issues.
In reality many of these compounds are actually dangerous for men. A lot of male health supplements are ineffective, poorly researched and manufactured with little, if any, quality control. They can lower testosterone, cause heart complications, and create all kinds of other unpleasant issues.
The solution: It is best to look into what supplements you take before buying them. Don’t buy into they hype and recognize that most supplement companies are only interested in making money off your quest to find a quick fix. Do your homework, actually read the information on supplement bottles, not just the advertisements.
You want to support your natural testosterone levels not replace them. When you take synthetic testosterone or pro-hormones your body shuts down it’s natural production making you reliant on the supplement or drug. Once you stop taking them your testosterone levels will be lower than when you started. Not good.
Added hormones:  food additives
that are unsafe to men and women alike. Farmers and huge agricultural corporations have been caught adding hormones to their animals. By doing so they can increase profitability.
However, this has caused a lot of health issues for consumers especially men. Men who weren’t expecting to be exposed to hormones from foods like beef and chicken have found themselves negatively impacted. In particular, hormones added to meats and poultries can inhibit testosterone production while encouraging the production of estrogen, which is the female hormone. Elevated levels of estrogen in men cause them to take on more feminine characteristics.
Chemicals: Chemicals are also found in the foods we eat and products we use everyday including soaps, shampoos and face creams. Chemicals add color, improve texture, make things smell better, or last longer. And while on the surface these chemicals appear to have great societal benefit, the reality is that many of these chemicals are harming the male body, causing damage and reducing our ability to produce testosterone.
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