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Bright red blood dripping from my penis

I was just sitting here and my penis started leaking bright red blood from the urethra it was a good amount and I’m turkey freaked out I have had blood discharge in my semen before but never have I had blood just running out of my flaccid penis and this amount I have had oral sex performed on me by a few people I didn’t really know so it may be a Sri or some Thing I have been noticing today some pains comming from the tip of my penis deep inside my lower abdomen what can this be do I have cancer or something cause my mother died of cancer last year and my father has had cancer twice
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This warrants a visit to your local emergency department.  You could have something as simple as a cyst that burst, or an infection, or yes, even bladder cancer.  Bright red blood from your penis or anus is a good reason for seeking medical attention ASAP.
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I absolutely, totally agree with Curfew. This warrants a trip to your local emergency department.

Let us know how you're doing.
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